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Kid Chairs Get a Little Glam

I’ve haven’t been feeling too motivated in the crafty, decorating department lately.

What can I say? Sometimes you’re on fire, sometimes you’re not!

When the urge to spray paint something this week surged through me, well, I grabbed the first thing in sight that hadn’t yet been altered: the chairs at my kids’ game table.

I’ve had these kid chairs for a few years now. And yes, they still had the price tags on them. *insert forehead slap here* They are from The Container Store and are probably the only thing I’ve ever purchased from that store. At the time, I was looking for a set of kids’ chairs that weren’t obnoxious. The chairs are still in great shape, but I know their days are numbered because eventually my kids will outgrow them. *mom sob*

So, why not have a little fun with them?
I decided to do a paint-dipped effect and paint the bottom of the legs. The only spray paint I had on-hand that would coordinate with my living room was a gold color called “champagne mist.” I decided that would work. I was motivated to paint. I was not motivated to get in the car and drive to Home Depot. Motivation has its limits, people.

Let’s pretend that I measured carefully to mark off a line with tape instead of using a sticky note as a general measurement guide. Okay? Good.

By the way, this Scotch Blue tape is WAY better than the older versions. Much stickier, but still removable, if that makes sense. Clearly, I’m an expert on these things.

kidchairs7Here’s how that chair turned out. A little glam, but still in keeping with my “not-obnoxious” criteria.

It was after I finished painting the first chair that I decided I’d rather spray the backs of the chairs gold instead. I’ll admit, that was unfortunate timing.

I wasn’t going to let this little hitch in the giddy-up deter me. No sirree.

My solution was to do two chairs of each style. I’d make my change-of-heart look purposeful!

Again, let’s pretend there was some exact measuring going on here instead of the ol’ “let’s eyeball it” trick.

When I was finished, I was glad I had detoured down this crafty bunny trail. If I was to do it over, I might have opted for an actual blue or green color instead of champagne mist. There’s always next time though!

Right now, these little chairs and table reside under the magnetic chalkboard Handy Husband made for me a few years ago.

The chalkboard is still one of my favorite DIY projects that we’ve done together.

And in case you are wondering, I swear I thought I scrubbed all of the price tag residue off of those chairs, but apparently, I did not. *insert another forehead slap here* Good thing it only bugs me when I’m looking at this photo.

This is quickly turning into a “what not to do” blog. Ah, well.
As a side note, these wood pattern blocks are one of my children’s most favorite toys. Shoot, even I like to make patterns with them. It’s oddly satisfying!

Besides patterns, my kids will build all sorts of “worlds” or cities with them. I found my blocks here on Amazon.
This reminder on our chalkboard pretty much sums up our summer attitude.

Our days aren’t overly structured, but we try to laugh, have fun, go on an adventure (even if it’s in our own backyard) and use our imaginations each day.

It’s working out pretty well!

I’m imagining that you’re not laughing out loud at the spray painting, price tag removing adventure I just had. See???

Is there a moral to the post? Hmm. Perhaps, do not question the urge to spray paint. You never know where it might lead. Just don’t follow my technique or lack thereof, you’ll probably be much happier!

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