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Coatrack from a Wine Bar

Before we had kids we spent money on things like furniture instead of nerf guns and Pokemon.

It was so long ago, I barely remember.

At least we purchased some long-lasting pieces that I still love like this wine bar cabinet from Pier 1. We use the piece, but not to hold wine. That goes in the wine fridge. 😉

The back of the cabinet had a wood ledge on hinges that you could push up to act like a real “bar” area if people wanted to sit there while you poured a drink from the other side. That never happened. The wine cabinet has always been pushed up against the wall and we removed the “bar” ledge years ago.

That meant I carried around that random piece of wood for over 10 years. That’s NUTS people. Sheer insanity especially considering how often we’ve moved. But, like all of those shoes I’ve moved as well, it was beautiful and I couldn’t get rid of it.

See? I still love the detailing on this piece.

Well, I finally came up with a justification for keeping it an idea for how to use it. Better late than never!

So, let’s give this wood bar a useful purpose and a new life as a coat rack!

I ordered 4 hooks from Amazon for $13. The hooks are currently unavailable, but I’ll let you know if I see them pop up again. Here’s one that’s almost identical for about the same price.
It took two of us to measure and hold the hooks in place while we screwed them in, but in 10 minutes we were able to transform this random piece of wood into something useful and very much needed!

We don’t have a mud room or a coat closet, so having a spot for backpacks and purses was critical. This little wall is around the corner from the back door. Directly opposite this wall is the door to the basement.

In order to “invisibly” hang the coat rack we used two of these “L” brackets that we had in our stash. If you are tall enough, you can see the top of the brackets on the top of the coat rack. I really don’t think anyone is going to notice though. Besides, I’m the tallest of all my friends!

I call this photo below “bracket on beige.” Artistic, no? I think it might be the most boring picture I’ve ever taken. 🙂

This hardware is a little bit rustic and complements the black studs on either end of the piece of wood. Plus, with the 3-prong hook, there’s a spot for multiple backpacks and jackets.

I really think the hooks look like they were always meant to be there. Like the bar was just waiting… over 10 years… for this day.

I can’t believe for $13 we transformed this piece of wood from a wine bar into an expensive-looking coatrack. Woohoo! I’m happy to report it sometimes pays to hold onto useless junk.

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