colonial farmhouse living room curtains traditional living room with light brown velvet curtains and a leather sofa

Living Room Curtains (It Only Took Me 4 Years)

I finally hung living room curtains and it only took me four years to get that job done.

*pats self on the back*

Why did I wait so long to hang living room curtains?

I’m one of those people who don’t really mind naked windows, especially if the windows have gorgeous trim like this particular window has.

I also didn’t have to worry about privacy. This window faces our backyard and there’s nothing but deer, bear, rabbits, groundhogs, and a fox in our backyard. They don’t seem to mind the view, so I haven’t prioritized window treatments.

colonial farmhouse living room curtains traditional living room with light brown velvet curtains and a leather sofa

Until now.

Why now? Not sure.

In a way that I think will be relatable, I sat down one evening in the same chair I’d been sitting in for 1,200 days and on day 1,201 I just decided it was time for curtains.

I must have freed up some bandwidth in my brain to make that decision.

I’m glad I did! While I’m the person who doesn’t mind naked windows, I’m also the person who recognizes that curtains do make a room feel finished.

I am both people. It gets confusing. Ha!

colonial farmhouse living room curtains traditional living room with light brown velvet curtains and a leather sofa

I must be in a tone-on-tone state of mind because I’ve recently made multiple design decisions that have layered similar tones together.

In this case, the windows are almost the same color as the sofa and similar in tone to the stool, floors, and bench cushions.

What’s different about each is the texture.

colonial farmhouse living room curtains traditional living room with light brown velvet curtains and a leather sofa

If you only saw photos of the couch wall of our the living room, you’d think I was leaning hard into the neutrals.

And I am, in a way, because the other side of our living room is much busier, visually speaking.

This living room offers a little something for every state of mind now.

Need to quiet your mind? Sit facing the couch and the new living room curtains.

Need a little visual stimulation? Sit on the couch facing the gallery wall and french doors.

Need to feel warm and cozy? Sit facing the fireplace. Oops. Sorry. The fireplace doesn’t work.

Let me amend my previous statement. The living room offers a little something for almost every state of mind.

living room with stained glass windows, nature gallery wall and vintage ethan allen club chairs

The best part of this entire living room saga is the realization that I loved my home and my living room before curtains and I love it with curtains.

That’s an incredible feeling.

I do not take for granted that we have a safe place to call home. The fact that I get to make this house FEEL like a home for our family is just icing on the cake.

How do you feel about naked windows and living room curtains? Have any funny stories to share? I’d love to know. You can always comment on this blog post, email me here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Happy decorating!

Living Room Sources:

Most everything is thrifted, DIYed, or old in my living room. However, you can click on the following links for the curtains, rod, rug, and sofa.

Velvet Curtains (spiced rum color)

Curtain Rod (This is the 5th time I’ve bought this curtain rod. Love it!)

Curtain Rings (I use a paperclip instead of buying the drapery hooks)

Rug (Loloi x Chris Loves Julia)


Faux Fur White Throw Pillow Covers

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  • Carla Erickson

    Annisa, your drapes are so lovely! Your whole room is so lovely! The sofa, floor, and drapes all work together! Amazing job on creating a warm, comfortable room!

  • Glenda Campbell

    Have you considered electric logs for your fireplace? We bought some last year and we love them. There are a to choose from at different price points.

    • annisa

      Hi Glenda! That’s so great to hear that the ones you got are working so well. That encourages me. I have considered electric logs. We just don’t have any outlets on that wall. I’m keeping a big running list of electrical needs for when we finally redo the electrical in this house. It’s a BIG list. Ha!

  • pamela

    Yummy curtains. they add a lot of polish and warmth to your lovely neutrals area. All those pieces in those cognac tones make for a sophisticated and inviting space. I’m definatley team draperies and love velevet curtains but too heavy for our Southern Florida climate. our homes have always had so much glass and windows or doors and i don’t like the big black holes at night so I always have drapes or wooden shutters. We actually close window treatments on the south side of the house in the afternoons to keep the heat OUT. haha.

    • annisa

      Isn’t it interesting how geography affects the type of curtains and decor you have in your home. I can completely see why velvet would be “too heavy” for Florida. We have the opposite problem as you. Sometimes we close curtains to keep the heat in. HA!

      Thanks for making my day!

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