old fashioned wall sconce with 6 inch fitter my latest thrift store finds

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Part 7

Welcome back to the delightful but infrequent blog series “My Latest Thrift Store Finds.”

It’s not infrequent because I’m not thrift store shopping.

No, no, no.

Even I don’t have that much restraint.

It is an infrequent series because I forget to write about my thrift store finds unless they are part of a larger story or project. This blog series is my attempt to right (or is it write?) that wrong.

Here’s what has come home with me in the last few months.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Mini Copper and Brass Colander

Once in a blue moon Handy Husband will come to the thrift store with me. He pretends like it is a hardship but then he discovers neat things he insists we should bring home like this mini copper and brass colander.

Who am I to say no to that?

I think this colander is what folks call a berry bowl. A colander specifically for rinsing off a pint of berries. I wrote about berry bowls once. You can read that blog post here.

I’m using this colander for tomatoes and it is perfect. I think it was $6.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: a mini brass and copper colander

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Large Wood Bowl

I’m on a quest to decorate the top of my pantry cabinets with wood bowls. The combination of natural wood with a black cabinet makes my heart go pitter-patter.

All of these bowls came from the thrift store, but the one on the bottom left is my most recent addition to the family. It was around $10.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: a large wood bowl

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Hurricane Style Shade

After 4 years of idly looking for a glass shade with a 6-inch fitter for the sconce on our kitchen stairwell, I finally found one. It was $7.

The reason we needed one is that the one that was there when we moved in did not fit, so it was constantly lying askew.

The going rate when I was originally looking for a used shade online was between $40 – $75 because they don’t make these anymore.

Could I have paid $40 – $75 for a used shade online? Yes. Did I want to? No. I probably would have bought a new light for that price.

old fashioned wall sconce with 6 inch fitter hurricane style shade in a colonial farmhouse my latest thrift store finds

This light shade is a little more fanciful than my normal style but it does fit the era of this house. I think it works! More importantly, it fits.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Ceramic Dish 

For the life of me, I cannot definitively figure out what this green dish or tray was originally intended for, but I decided it was perfect to hold my dish soap and cleanser bottle next to the kitchen sink.

It must have been  meant to be because I spent more than I would normally spend on a small dish like this one. It was $8.

Hall Ceramics green dish with two circles to hold dish soap and spray bottle might have been an oil and vinegar tray my latest thrift store finds

P.S. I’ve been refilling this black dish soap bottle with cheap dish soap for 2 or 3 years now because the bottle matches my counters, isn’t too bulky, and I like the shape.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Paintings

It is hard for me to turn down small landscape paintings when I see them at the thrift store. I want to save them all.

The two paintings on the inside left corner came home with me this fall.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: two paintings and a gallery wall of landscape paintings

In December, I found this gigantic painting.

Not only was it so happy for a winter scene, it also screamed Christmas to me.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: a christmas painting with a snowy backdrop

I paid $33 total for the three paintings mentioned here. That’s it! I couldn’t buy three canvases for $33 these days.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Wood Music Stand

In the fall I found the music stand of my dreams, which is funny because I thought the music stand of my dreams would be brass.

As it turns out, it was made of wood and was buried at the back of a packed antique store booth. I will love it forever.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: a wood music stand featured in a music room with a baby grand piano and vintage instruments

The music stand was heavily discounted down to $55. That was a steal. I regularly see wood music stands online for hundreds of dollars.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Wood Legs or Finials

A few months ago I brought home two wood finials for a dollar. They could be wood legs, but since one of them is rounded on one end, I’m going with finial. It doesn’t really matter what they are.

I used them as stands for my cardboard Christmas trees.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: wood finials to use as mini bases for cardboard christmas trees

I also used one of them as a photo holder. To do that, I cut a small slit in the top of the finial. It holds the picture wonderfully well.

I love repurposing items, so these finials have been the gift that keeps on giving for my creativity.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: wood finial used as a polaroid picture holder

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: Brass Bells

It’s not every day that you find a sandwich baggie filled with brass bells while thrifting. In fact, it has only happened to me once. There were seven brass bells in the bag and I bought the lot for $6. They are not in perfect shape. However, I used three of them to jazz up a Christmas wreath.

I can’t wait to use them again next year.

My Latest Thrift Store Finds: brass bells used to accent a Christmas wreath

All told, I spent $120 on all of these thrifted treasures. Almost half of that was spent on the music stand.

I definitely think I got a pretty big bang for my buck for this round, especially when you consider the quantity and quality of the items I brought home.

I didn’t always fill my home with thrifted items but now I enjoy how unique these items make my home look while giving it a bit of soul too.

Do you also enjoy finding thrifted treasures for your home? Let me know. You can always comment on this blog post, email me here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Thrifting!

Thanks for reading today’s blog post! I appreciate you! If you have another minute, I have another blog post. 

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  • Donna Schultz

    I love all of your finds. I use my, also thrifted, small copper and brass berry bowl colander to hold our coffee filters. So many uses it can offer.

    • annisa

      Hi Donna! I love that we have similar colanders! What a fantastic idea for how to use coffee filters. Love this. They would fit perfectly! I have our coffee filters in a fancy glass bowl..you know the ones you got at your wedding that you never use. Well, that’s how I’m using mine.

  • Pamela

    two of you have a brass and copper berry colander!? not fair! I’ve never even seen one but I’d buy it for sure if I did. I have several small pieces of brass and cooper that were my mom’s and they serve our coffee counter very well. one holds napkins, one sugar, one coffee pods, another is the trash receptacle for used coffee pods. A small brass and copper pot w/black iron handle holds silver spoons. I just polished them all. our wedding crystal bowl is the container for various tea drinking bits and the crystal ice bucket stores my empty refillable coffee pods. I really enjoyed seeing thrift store finds and their uses. The music stand is just wonderful.

    • annisa

      I love how you are putting all the pretty and sentimental items to use! Great idea for the coffee pods too. I tend to forget about those since we don’t have a keurig.

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