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Rusty Machine turned Bird Bath

Have you ever heard an artist or songwriter being interviewed about their latest work of art or song? The interview always asks them to tell the audience what their creation stands for or how it should be interpreted.

I keep waiting for someone to say, “I ate a messy cheeseburger, wiped my hands on the canvas and then decided to see if anyone would pay for it.” No one ever says that! Instead, many of them will be super ambiguous about their creations and want to leave it up to the viewer or listener to form their own impressions of said art.

Well, that sort of happened to me this week.

Not the messy cheeseburger part…

Here’s how a phone conversation with the Junk Whisperer went down.

Me: Junk Whisperer, what’s the machine thingy in your yard called that you use as a wishing well?

Junk Whisperer: You mean the BIRD BATH?


Then because I just couldn’t let it go, I had to ask the follow-up questions.

Me: It’s a bird bath? Huh. Are you sure? I mean, have you ever seen any birds in it?

Junk Whisperer: No, I don’t think so.

Me: AHA!

Still, I didn’t let it go. 

Me: Why do you have the coins in there if it’s a bird bath and not a wishing well?

Junk Whisperer: Well, I heard that it keeps the water cleaner longer.

Because I’m an expert at looking things up on Wikipedia, she is right about the dirt part. In fact, one theory on wishing wells is that people accidentally discovered how to make their water healthier by throwing actual copper and silver coins into the body of water. The copper attracted dirt to the bottom of the pool of water making the water on top less germy. Also, over time, the copper broke down in the water and copper is a trace element essential to health.

P.S. I’m not an expert on any of this, I’ve just been Wikipedia-ing.

Back to my original question, what is that machine thingy? Well, the Junk Whisperer thinks it came from some sort of blacksmith forge.

But is it now a bird bath or a wishing well?

In this case, I think whoever created it gets to decide. Not the idiot who calls her asking all these inane questions. I really don’t know why she keeps taking my calls!

At the end of the day, be like the Junk Whisperer and create something that makes you happy and brings you joy. Don’t do it for the birds. Don’t do it for other people. Do it for you.

Okay, if you’re going to help the birds, that’s actually a pretty good reason to do something too…

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