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Thanksgiving Cards – Free Printable

You may not be old enough to remember this, but people, millions of people across this country, used to pay their bills by mailing in a paper check in a paper envelope with a stamp you actually had to lick.

This was before Al Gore invented the Internet.

A few things have changed since then, like online bill-pay. I’m glad I’m not an envelope salesperson.

By my own calculations, we have had the same box of 500 #10 letter-size envelopes for over 15 years. We’ve moved that box of envelopes 8 times in 15 years. The ridiculousness of that statement is almost too much to wrap my mind around.

Now you know why we don’t have a Costco membership. Buying-in-bulk trauma.

Since I can’t seem to throw away office supplies, I decided to start powering my way through them. One hand-written *gasp* letter at a time.

I made some printable Thanksgiving cards that would fit in those blasted envelopes. (That sounded very Thanksgiving-y of me, didn’t it?)

My initial inspiration was the Target ads I’ve been bombarded with lately on my ABC TV iPad app. Apparently, plaid is IN. If Target says it, then clearly it must be.

I’m glad they keep us informed. Plus, it’s way better than the Chantix ads that I usually see on my ABC app. I still don’t know what condition Chantix is used to treat, but I’m scarred for life by the medical disclaimers.

I digress. Let’s move on. Here is one of the plaid cards…
gratefulcardI also made a “Happy Thanksgiving” and an “Oh Happy Day” card that was the antithesis of plaid. Don’t ask me why…my brain works in randomly mysterious ways.

Now, here’s where I also confess that I bulk-purchased speckled card stock too.

No words…

If you do download these printable, please note that yours will not have a speckled background. Although, I’m pretty sure speckled card stock is making a comeback.
These cards are blank on the back. I could tell you it’s to give you maximum space to express your gratitude, but it’s really because my printer goes ballistic when I run the card stock through a second time, so I didn’t bother. Real life is so glamorous, but I am oh, so thankful and happy that I get to enjoy it!

Here are the handy dandy printables in high resolution jpeg format:
P.S. There’s a bonus printable in a red plaid design that I didn’t show in this post.

Blue Plaid Give Thanks Printable
Red Plaid Thankful Printable
Black Plaid Grateful Printable
Happy Thanksgiving Printable
Oh Happy Day Printable

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