Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, my pretties!

Only one more day until my children get to dress up and get free candy from strangers!

I can never decide if I want them to:
a) get candy that I enjoy and will pilfer when they are asleep (aka the parenting tax)
b) get candy that I am powerful enough to resist


This year we made our annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch. This one at Washington Farms is our favorite.

If only they let the adults bounce on the jumping pillow. Doesn’t it look like fun? Why hasn’t a gym opened yet with jumping pillow fitness classes? Hmmm…maybe I should open one of those.

I’m soaking up every moment that this cute girl still enjoys cow trains. I’m sure she’ll outgrow them way before I’m ready for her to do so.

Two weeks ago she asked to put posters up on her wall. That’s how the growing up starts, folks. First it’s posters of cute cats and then it’s boy bands.
Then there’s this toothless face. How can you not smile seeing it?

He’s going to be a knight for Halloween. Or Spiderman. Or Underwear Man. 5-year-old prerogative.

I’m sure you can guess which costume I’m rooting for him to wear.pumpkinpatch2015_4
Finally, I have the coolest thing to share with you! A blog reader sent me a photo of a horseshoe pumpkin her brother made for her after reading about my rustic horseshoe pumpkins. I love seeing what they created! You’ve got serious DIY skills P. Kellar of Kansas!


Happy Halloween to all of you. Have fun and be safe!

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