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All I Want For Christmas

It’s a slippery slope, but I feel compelled to violate my “one holiday at a time” rule today.

It’s for a good reason though.

You see, for the last 5 years, I’ve been telling my son that the “J” initial on his Christmas stocking is just a super fancy “T” with a curve at the bottom.

That’s right. The poor kid doesn’t have his own Christmas stocking. I’ve been putting his stocking stuffers into my husband’s stocking, which means that my husband’s stocking stuffers just lie around willy nilly. In the grand scheme of all of the injustices in the world, I realize this one doesn’t even rate.

However, my son is in kindergarten now and his teachers tell me he’s doing very well. He knows all his letters and sounds. He’s reading and writing. Milestones that make a mother proud. GAH! Normally, I’d be ECSTATIC about this, but I have a feeling it means the gig is up. He’s going to know that the letter on “his” stocking is not a T.

Then he’ll start questioning other things, like are the Keebler elves really real? Of course they are, dear child. How else are they going to get pretzel on one side and cracker on the other? Elf magic. That’s how.

So, all I want for Christmas is matching stockings for our family.

I like these Channel Quilted Velvet Stockings from Pottery Barn.


I also like this Festive Poinsettia Sweater Snowflake Stocking from Wayfair.Festive-Poinsettia-Snowflake-Motif-Sweater-Knit-Christmas-Stocking

These Classic Modern WoolFelt Stockings on Etsy are awesome.

This is a terrible picture, but a great deal on a white knitted stocking at Joann’s. Given that it would take me 47 years to knit 4 matching stockings, $14.99 each seems like a steal.


I definitely seem to be drawn to the simpler stocking designs. That’s not earth shattering, given my decorating style. I also appreciate a well-designed stocking. By that I mean one in which anything larger than a lump of coal will actually fit inside of it.

I know you all love a good cliffhanger and this post makes for some tantalizing reading on a Monday morning. What is she going to pick? How soon will they arrive? How is she going to hang them all when one of the stocking hangers is broken?

I wish I knew, friends. I wish I knew.

It would make me so happy to not be paralyzed by indecision. In true ME fashion, I’m convinced this is a decision I have to live with forever. So, no biggie. I need to make a decision soon because December is going to sneak up on me. And you know I am trying REALLY hard to resist the urge to DIY something. They all look so easy to make! I’m telling you…if I could only figure out how to fix my bobbin thread, I would be downstairs sewing one up right now. Swearing at my bobbin and my demonic sewing machine just doesn’t scream “peace on earth” to me. So, I’m trying to resist that urge. “Buy now with one click” seems a little more fitting for the season, don’t you think?  😉

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