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Today, because it’s Monday and I’m in the mood, I thought I’d share another list of my favorite random things of late.

1. THIS IS WATER: 2005 Commencement Address by David Foster Wallace

My husband and I were mesmerized by this commencement speech. Take the time to listen to it and I guarantee it will give you many things to think about.

“The point here is that I think this is one part of what teaching me how to think is really supposed to mean. To be just a little less arrogant. To have just a little critical awareness about myself and my certainties. Because a huge percentage of the stuff that I tend to be automatically certain of is, it turns out, totally wrong and deluded. I have learned this the hard way, as I predict you graduates will, too.”

“The really important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them over and over in myriad petty, unsexy ways every day.” – David Foster Wallace


2. Dirty Secrets of Flying from Pilots and Flight Attendants 

This article will also make you think just as much as it horrifies you. HORRIFIES. Let’s just say I don’t think I will travel without Clorox wipes for those seat back trays. UGH!


3. Striped Cardigan

I just ordered this cardigan from Amazon and for $16.99, I love it! It’s made from a slightly upgraded t-shirt material and it’s long enough to cover my bum. Always a good thing for this long-waisted gal.

4. Cat Plays With Trucks

My daughter has a YouTube channel that no one yet knows about called Awesomeness. She picked the name herself. We really struggle with self-esteem in this house.

I posted this video for her of her cat, Salsa, playing with some trucks that I thought were destined for the Goodwill pile. It’s nice that someone is getting some use out of them.

5. The Martian

It’s not often that my husband and I, even after 17 years, enjoy the same movies. I usually fall asleep when he puts one on, truth be told. We both loved this one though even if it is a bit predictable.

Plus, my husband swears he and Matt Damon share a striking resemblance. If only it was striking enough to get us dinner reservations.

Go forth and have the happiest week, folks!


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