How to Remove Ring Around the Toilet

I am so sorry if you are reading this post during breakfast. The images contained herein are not appetizing or pretty.

It’s time to get down to the dirty truth.

I clean the toilets in our home regularly. I really do.

Despite that, to varying degrees, the toilets always end up with a ring around the water line. It mocks me. Depending on the minerals in the water, the toilets also get marks where the water runs down the bowl to refill. More mocking.

Everyone swears their product or cleaning method is the best way to get those marks off the toilet. Maybe it is…for them. For me, they never work. Ever.

Did someone order melodrama?

Here’s one of our toilets right after I cleaned it. Still looks dirty.


Time to up the ante.

Here’s my secret weapon in the war on toilet rings.

Drywall sanding sponges.

These two sponges have actually been used on drywall in one of our houses, which is why they look a little worse for wear. (In case you are wondering, now that I’ve recruited them over to the dark side, they won’t be used for drywall again. Pinkie promise.)

No cleaning solution is required. Just put your gloves on and start scrubbing.

Some people swear by pumice stones to clean marks and stains off toilets. Other people say pumice stones are too abrasive and scratch the toilets.

I can’t keep up with all of that drama. I make enough of my own.


The drywall sanding sponges (I used fine/medium grit) are definitely finer and less abrasive than pumice.

Do the drywall sponges scratch the porcelain on your toilet? I don’t know. Do I care? Not really.

To me, a toilet you can’t get clean is already ruined, so I’m not making it any worse than it was. That’s my brand of twisted logic for you.

I haven’t noticed any downside to this method, but let’s be real. I only use this technique a couple of times a year when the toilet really needs it.

It felt like forever, but in reality, I only spent 5 or 6 minutes sprucing up this toilet and here’s how it looked when I was done.

Much better.

I can have guests over now!

But I won’t because I’m an introvert.

Bottom line, do your own research and decide on the method that works for you. Or better yet, hire a cleaning company. That would be pure happiness right there. Except I’d have to clean before they came, so on second thought…

Well, I’m sure this has been the highlight of your day! I joke, I joke! Seriously though, thanks for visiting! I have some other cleaning tips if you’re interested… 

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