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DIY Felt Spring Wreath

I know you have been waiting with bated breath for me to share another felt project.

Wait no more. I have a doozie for you today.

Meet happiness on a door. Otherwise known as my spring wreath.

In the interest of full disclosure, I love how bright and cheery this project turned out, but boy, was it a pain to create. Literally.

Doesn’t that inspire you to make your own? I have a way with these things.

I decided to make this wreath after seeing similar ones on Etsy. While my project was drastically less expensive, it did take me several nights to make it. I also incurred quite a few hot glue burns. So there’s that. My hot glue technique needs a little finesse.

The form for the wreath is my old standby, the pool noodle. I figured the kids wouldn’t miss it! I secured the ends together with duct tape.

If you’ve shopped for pool noodles lately, you’ll know there are skinny and thick pool noodles. Keep in mind the circumference of your pool noodle is going to impact how full your wreath looks. I’m using one of the skinnier noodles in this example.

After you have your wreath form ready to go (a styrofoam form would work awesome too), then you’ll need to cut out hundreds of “petals” from your sheets of felt.

I made a petal template using a piece of card stock. Those junk mail postcards work perfect for this! The size and shape of the petal is really up to you. There’s no right or wrong. Mine was about 2 inches long.

I traced the petal shape as many times as I could onto each sheet of felt and then I cut the petals out.

Prepare to binge watch some TV while you do this. A lot of TV.


Once you have a bunch of petals cut out, you can start hot glueing them on your wreath form. As long as your wreath is lying against an opaque surface (meaning you can’t see the back of your wreath), then you only need to glue petals on the front half of the wreath or the part that isn’t resting against a door or wall.

I found it best to put a dab of glue at the base of the petal and then pinch it together. This made the petals stay curved regardless of whether they were being squished together by another petal. Then I would glue the entire petal to the wreath form.

Repeat one zillion times. Kidding. I used between 15 and 20 sheets of felt, so just several hundred times.

I hope I’m explaining this process with the utmost clarity. It is apparent that I can’t craft, binge watch TV and take step-by-step pictures too.

To finish the wreath off, I used felt scraps to cover the back of the wreath – the part you aren’t supposed to be able to see. I did this just in case there were any gaps in my petals.

Hanging the wreath was easy. I already had a nail in the door, so I just shoved the pool noodle onto the nail. Not elegant, but it works.


This project cost about $5 in felt. If you had to buy a pool noodle, well, you can get those at a dollar store. I did use a bunch of hot glue too, so be prepared for that. Or, you can just buy a finished wreath for $55 on Etsy. I really wouldn’t blame you for that! Either way you go, your door will look bright and happy!

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