1960s Wood Paneling That Looks Good

There’s a bookcase in my house that bugs the crud out of me. Really bugs me. I have to make it look good without changing the root of the problem. I’m still not sure how to do that, so I decided to dive into the black hole of inspiration commonly known as the Internet. While there, I got a little distracted…

But those boots I’ve been eyeing were finally on sale!

Then I stumbled on a new-to-me blog, Bigger Than The Three Of Us, and ran across a picture of blogger Ashley’s playroom/office.

Two things made me pause in my scroll.
1) She has a wood bookcase similar to the one that bugs me to pieces. (YAY! Back on topic.)
2) 1960/1970s faux wood paneling never looked so good. (Oops. Distracted again.)

I have owned a house with some of this wood paneling. It was lovely. (sarcasm alert)

I’m pretty sure paint companies can attribute a significant amount of their success in the last 10 years to homeowners painting over wood paneling. Am I right?

I was one of those homeowners!

The blogger admits this isn’t her “forever” look for this room, but it works for her family right now. I think she’s done an amazing job of embracing the home she has and making it work for her family’s style. Plus, those office chairs are pretty cool.

Not from Ashley’s house, but here’s another example of 1970s wood paneling that looks good. It’s not my style, but it works for the space in a retro meets modern sort of way. 

Waverley Street

Photo by Klopper and Davis ArchitectsDiscover midcentury entrance design inspiration

Now, I am a fan of 21st century wood accent walls, like this one below.

And those doors give me all the warm fuzzies.

(image source)

But if your home is more time capsule than modern, never fear.

You might have to get rid of the shag carpet, but with the right accessories, wood paneling can look pretty darn inviting.

At least, it does in Ashley’s house…

By the way, I really need to get some houseplants. Oops. Distracted again. Pretty pictures and happy spaces do that to me.

P.S. Be sure and visit Bigger Than The Three Of Us to read more about wood paneling in her office/playroom and to see other really cool makeovers.

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