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Happy List #20


My kids have a half-day at school today…the excitement was palpable in our house this morning! But the angst over the one toy they could bring for “toy day” was…intense.

This week I shared the gorgeous spring flowers that are blooming in our Irish garden. All thanks to my green thumb, I’m sure. Actually, I think the blooming flowers are proof that nature finds a way. I also walked you through the “should I, shouldn’t I” decision of switching to linen bath towels. Decision was probably the wrong word there. Maybe indecision would be more apt.

Here are some things I’m not indecisive about!

Old Fireplace

I don’t know who has an old, random fireplace in the middle of their living space, but I want to meet them. And move in.

This looks so cool.

This fireplace picture came from an article where a prop stylist gives you their tips for a fabulous room. Check it out!

1965 Sears Catalog Items

I was not alive in 1965, but if I was, I could have purchased a man girdle from the 1965 Sears catalog.

To see other items from the 1965 catalog, click here.

Baked Brie with Caramelized Onions

Any excuse to eat warm, gooey brie.

This recipe from Sense and Edibility looks like heaven.


Pop Up Kitchen Shelf

Clutter-free counters are my idea of a happy space. I like this shelf idea for a clever way to store and still use your small appliances. I’m assuming there’s an electrical outlet in the cabinet or within easy access too?

With a little bit of handiness, I think this idea could be retrofitted to existing cabinets.


University College Dublin Choral Scholars

I have a new musical obsession.

The University College Dublin (UCD) Choral Scholars is an ensemble group of 18 college students. The ensemble has toured throughout the world since beginning in 1999. They sing a variety of styles, including traditional Irish songs and music composed especially for them.

If this one doesn’t give you goosebumps, especially when the drum comes in…listen again.

Upcycled Easter Terrarium

If you’re craving an Easter craft, this one looks easy and cute.

It would be a fun hostess gift if you’re going to someone’s house for Easter dinner.

Here’s all the details.


Marbled Eggs With Shaving Cream

If dyeing Easter Eggs the regular way isn’t exciting enough, this should spice things up a little.

Food coloring and shaving cream are the magic ingredients for this technique.

My kids would love doing this. I’m just wondering how it works on brown eggs because I still have yet to see white eggs in my area of the world.

Here are the instructions.


Half day at school – gotta run! Literally. To get to the train. Have a happy weekend folks!

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