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Happy List: #183

Hello, hello! I’m glad you are here for this week’s edition of the Happy List.

How is it October already?

On the blog this week I shared our fall coffee table. It won’t be the only fall coffee table around these parts. The season is still young, my friends.

Then I shared a mirror makeover. Basically, I got ahead of myself with that one. The mirror is done, but it doesn’t have a permanent home. In fact, it isn’t even hanging where it was in the pictures in Wednesday’s post. That’s how it goes with the constant decor shuffle.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook and Instagram, but I’d love it if you’d say hi when you’re over there!

Here’s the Happy List!


Yours truly has a featured project on a Christmas ornament article on The Pioneer Woman website!

HOW COOL IS THAT? Yes, I’m typing in all caps. I’m particularly excited since I’ve been reading Ree’s blog before she became famous.

It’s pretty fun to be included in this article with such a talented group of folks.

diy building block ornament on the pioneer woman website via the happy list

Okay. I’m calm now. We can resume the Happy List.


You know I love black shelves and really anything else painted black.

This library nook is in a converted barn! I need a library nook and a converted barn.

The bathroom in this home is pretty amazing too. Stately, but not serious. Go see all the pictures of this home in this Country Living article.

O’Donnell converted barn via country living on the happy list

(image: Alpha Smoot for Country Living)


Did you read about the 5-year-old who sent a baby Yoda to Oregon firefighters to keep them from being lonely?

I’m melting. You’re melting. We’re all melting from the sweetness of this story.

I love this story for a number of reasons. First, the grandma didn’t dash this boy’s generous spirit by telling him firefighters don’t need a stuffed animal or that there was a more appropriate way to give back. Second, the firefighters responded in a such a beautiful way by receiving this gift in the generous way it was intended. In fact, they’ve probably gone above and beyond because this gift is now touching the lives of many.

Read more about this story here.

baby yoda firefighters via cnn on the happy list

(image: via CNN)


There will be a blue moon on Halloween. A blue moon means it is the second full moon in any given month.

While the last time a full moon on Halloween happened in some U.S. time zone was 19 years ago, the last time a full moon was viewable from all U.S. time zones on Halloween was in 1944.

hallowed moon via wikimedia on the happy list

(image: Wikimedia)


This will make your whole day!

For the record, this baby can handle a jump rope better than I can.


Speaking of Halloween, I don’t know if trick or treating is happening in your area, but I’ve been planning ahead just in case.

I like the idea of a glowing face mask.

glowing face mask on etsy on the happy list

I think I should buy this jack o’ lantern set for the whole family.

I’d wear one! It would be harder to convince Handy Husband and my 13-year-old though.

So fun, right?

jack o lantern face mask on the happy list


Get. In. My. Belly.

This apple pie crepes recipe from Tidy Mom makes me drool.

apple pie crepes tidy mom on the happy list

(image: Tidy mom)


It is claimed that President Abraham Lincoln once said, “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” An eerie statement given how he died.

There’s actually no written record of him saying this exact sentence, but Lincoln did say several similar things that were documented throughout his life. I’ll leave you with this paragraph on this topic from President Lincoln’s Cottage.

“In addition to quotations from Lincoln himself, there are other examples of Lincoln associates recollecting his conviction that democratic elections were the best tool for lasting change — not violence. For example, his former law partner William Herndon claimed that in 1855 Lincoln told a group of abolitionists, “You can better succeed with the ballot. You can peaceably then redeem the government and preserve the liberties of mankind through your votes and voice and moral influence…. Revolutionize through the ballot box and restore the government once more to the affections of hearts of men by making it express, as it was intended to do, the highest spirit of justice and liberty.”[7] Sometime after his nomination as the Republican candidate, he was alleged to have said to Tom Henderson, an Illinois politician, “I do not believe this arising trouble will be settled by arms but by the ballot. Pledge yourselves that if I fall before it is over, you will carry this in by the ballot.”[8]

Bottom line – make sure you vote this November.

President Lincoln’s Cottage is a historic site and museum in Washington D.C.

Thanks for reading the Happy List. You always brighten my day with your comments and engagement.

I’ll see you back here on Monday!


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