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Happy List: #22

Hello! How are you?

After a two week break from school and work, I’ve been humming “back to life, back to reality” and “if I only had a brain” all week. It was a little rough those first couple of days all week!

This week I shared a virtual tour of two hardware stores in Ireland and a tutorial on how to embellish a t-shirt with embroidery thread.

Here’s what has caught my eye this week.

Rubber Boot Racks

Or, wellies as they are called across the pond. I deal with a lot of wet shoes, not necessarily rubber boots, but definitely wet, dripping shoes that need to dry.

I just don’t think you should pay 80 bucks for something as simple as this boot rack. I like the idea though – especially for a simple DIY idea.

(image: Cotswold Co.)

This looks to me like a regular coat rack of sorts, but it can be used for boots. And it’s only $73. Ha! I still think that’s a lot of money for something you could make. Although, when you factor in your time to make something, maybe it is worth it to buy it.

(image: A Place for Everything)

Outdoor Living Inspiration

Apparently, Ellen Degeneres is selling a home in California for a cool 45 million DOLLARS. Just let me shuffle my couch cushions and come up with that, said no regular person ever.

But if Ellen invited me over for brunch…I might never leave. Do you think she’d notice?

(image: Realtor.com)

Or if Johnny Depp invited me over to this place in the south of France, again, I might never leave. Because hello? South of France!

(image: Hilton and Hyland)

Visiting the south of France is on my to-do list. Handy Husband is just worried that I will really, really like it.

Pottery Barn Lamp Knock-Off

This awesome nautical rope lamp below is the knock-off version of Pottery Barn’s much more expensive lamp. It looks incredible, right?

Kristen from Down Home Inspiration shares the step-by-step to making this lamp and it looks pretty doable!


We’ve done a couple of Pottery Barn knock-offs ourselves. Check out this bed and these shelves for more inspiration.

Dirty Jean Trend

NO ONE, I mean, no one tell my dad that these jeans at Nordstrom are going for $425!
He does not need any encouragement where his dirty jeans are concerned. In fact, he’ll probably say his are worth more because they are authentic!

Or worse, he might say they should have added a little tractor grease and cow manure too – just so they not only look authentic, but smell authentic too! Hey Nordstrom, if you need a dirty jeans consultant, I’m sure my dad will charge a very reasonable hourly rate.


I don’t understand this fashion choice. At all. I don’t care if that makes me old.

Here’s some more info – as if you need more.

White Kitchen

I don’t know where you keep stuff in this kitchen (probably out of the camera frame), but I like how clean it looks. And that ceiling. Cue all the heart eyes!

For more pictures of this home, click here.


Why Americans and British Spell Words Differently

This video on Mental Floss shared some interesting tidbits about why Americans spell color with an “or” and British spell colour with an “our.”

Frankly, it disturbs me a bit that this all seemed to originate a little flippantly. There was definitely some tit for tat going on in the world of dictionaries.

It will be interesting to see how my kids go back and forth between the two spellings since they have been in American and British/Irish learning environments. Do not be surprised if you hear them reference their surname instead of last name, sweets instead of candy and lorry instead of truck!

Fence Goals

Landscape designer Lisa Bynon created this pretty and apparently effective deer fence for her home in the Hamptons.

No problem, right? HAHAHAHA.

I’m trying to decide if it would be harder to build the fence or keep the garden weed free.


That’s all for me, folks. I hope you have the happiest of Fridays! We’re celebrating Handy Husband’s birthday this weekend. I’ll be attempting to make his favorite dessert even though the ingredients for which are not available in Ireland. So basically, I’m not making him his favorite. But let’s hope it tastes good anyway!


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  • Dawn Olsson

    Lol–your dad is wearing jeans that look just like those to do chores. I should probably make him put on his good ones and save those for going places.

  • Chris Schwab

    There is a hardware store in Mt. Angel, Bochler’s, that is a lot like the one you showed. I’ll have to send you a picture! It’s a place everybody knows to go to ’cause they’ll find what they need!

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