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Happy List: #40


It’s OFFICIALLY autumn, can you believe it?

I’m trying to use the word autumn more because if I say ‘Fall’ in reference to the season, the Irish have no clue what I’m talking about. Or maybe they do and they’re just messing with me?

Guess I won’t put up my ‘Happy Fall Y’all’ sign on my front door. Kidding. I don’t actually have one, which is odd considering I lived in the South for a few years.

Before this post goes completely sideways, here’s what’s on my Happy List this week.


I thought this was a totally doable DIY Halloween costume idea from All Things Thrifty!


The art above the bed in Layla’s master bedroom made me stop and go ‘OOHH.’

She has a very calm, neutral bedroom and the green painting is an unexpected and lovely pop of color. I wouldn’t have thought to consider this painting for this room, so I love being surprised.



In 2011, two sisters age 10 and 11 were given a $25 science kit for making bath bombs. 6 years later, they are selling 500,000 bath bombs a month and they are still in high school.

HOLY SMOKES! This is such an awesome story!

Read all the details about how they got started and how they manage the company now on Time.

Image: Via Courtesy of DaBomb Fizzers Caroline (left) and Isabelle (right) Bercaw, co-founders of DaBomb Fizzers 


This is the cutest pencil holder! I could find a spot for it in my office.

I’m not sure my kids have ever seen a real typewriter! Ha!


I’m mad at my Oregon peeps. I was in the state FOR A MONTH and no one told me about the DIY Bar in Portland. It’s a place where you can DIY crafty things and have an adult beverage.

That’s like heaven on earth, people! How could you let me down?!?!

You can make string art, a leather clutch, concrete coasters, jewelry and more. I’d really like to give string art a go one of these days.

Each project costs $39 and I think you get a drink with it. I didn’t read all the FAQs. I can’t do ALL the work here, people.

For more images like these and all the DIY Bar details, click here.


This idea speaks to me. My painting tools are stored in a tub and it’s kind of a drag to dig through it for what I need. Woe is me, I know!

The directions for this organization project can be found at Polished Habitat.



I love a good brick accent wall.

Although, it’s probably a pain in the behind to hang things on a brick wall. But, hey, these people got around that little problem by using a ladder. Clever.

Image by Jessica Klewicki Glynn via


I don’t want to jinx it, but I’ve been doing a REALLY good job at keeping my plants alive. They might not be ‘healthy,’ but they are still alive. Go me!

If I had these carved wood planters from World Market, I might actually take my plants out of the plastic planters they came in and repot (replant?) them appropriately. Aren’t they pretty?


I made this recipe for One Pot Chicken Gnocchi Soup from iHeartNapTime this week. It was pure, rainy day comfort food. I haven’t cooked a lot with gnocchi before, but now I’m trying to use it in ALL the recipes! It was such an unexpected, delightful surprise in this soup.

I substituted the spinach for a grated zucchini and it was delicious. My kids (and Handy Husband) really have no idea how much zucchini they eat. *insert evil laugh here*


Whatever your plans may be for this weekend, I hope you have the best time. Happy Friday!



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