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Happy List: #41


I have exciting news. Both of my kids are going to a sleepover on Saturday night. That means Handy Husband and I get to go out to dinner with friends.

I wonder if they’ll mind if we’re home by 9? Kidding! Okay, not really. Not a night owl and proud of it!

Anyway, this is the first time we’ve had anything resembling a date night since moving to Ireland. So, just a wee bit overdue.

This week I shared more denim pumpkin ideas and our favorite castle tour with kids in Ireland.

Here’s what else is on my Happy List this week.


I wish I had a really good reason to make these broomsticks with donuts that I saw on the site Hostess With The Mostess.

I don’t, but you know it’s killing me, right?

I’m thinking it would be fun just to make the broomsticks. Forget about the donuts. Is that crazy talk?



Don’t ask me why I clicked on an article about funny, but brutally honest baby cards. Perhaps it was because I did this twice…

I then hopped over to the Cheeky Kumquat on Etsy because where there is one funny card, there were bound to be more.

I discovered the creator of these cards is a Pacific NorthWest girl, which made me go, “YAY!!!”

Lately Handy Husband has been putting Sriracha on EVERYTHING I cook, which is disturbing starting to give me a complex.

I still might get him this card though…

All of these cards and so many more can be found at Cheeky Kumquat.


My children’s school is sending in an audition tape to be on The Late Late Toy Show in Dublin. They will be performing Sing by Gary Barlow. This song was written for the Queen of England in 2012, but I think it is even more relevant today.

Some words they can’t be spoken only sung,
So hear a thousand voices shouting love.
There’s a place, there’s a time in this life when you sing what you are feeling,
Find your feet, stand your ground, don’t you see right now the world is listening to what we say?

Sing it louder, sing it clearer, knowing everyone will hear you,
Make some noise, find your voice tonight.
Sing it stronger, sing together, make this moment last forever,
Old and young shouting love tonight.

The kids were instructed to practice the song this week and my son said, “This is more important than our regular homework, Mom, because we are going to be JUDGED.”

Nice try, buddy. Still have to do your math.

Here’s the song performed by another school and sharing the stage with Gary Barlow…



In Chile there are churches dating back to the 17th century that were built without nails.

Building techniques before the era of power tools are so impressive to me.

Read how they did it and why at National Geographic.

(image via by Walter Bibikow, Alamy)


This shower looks AMAZING. But I’d be lying if I’m not over here shaking my head like, “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

The shiplap shower was created out of exterior trim boards and finished with a marine grade acrylic enamel. I read the how-to on Dwelling Studio and the logic makes sense! I just have a hard enough time maintaining a regular shower. This one might make me nervous!

Read it and let me know what you think. Would you try it? Would this get a nod of approval from Chip and Joanna?



Dang. Some people are so creative!

My kids would LOVE to trick or treat at the troll house!

Get the how-to at The Keeper of the Cheerios. Love that blog name, by the way.


Guys. I tried to make these paper pumpkin treat boxes. They did not look this cute. I’m not sure where I went wrong. Perhaps I should try again because I bought orange card stock I love the idea.

Get the tutorial and template at Hostess With The Mostess.



I posted something about doilies a few weeks ago. I can’t remember what it was – only that I would love to figure out how to use doilies in a modern (even though they aren’t modern) way.

Then I saw this…

Shut the linen closet door! Love that idea. This is a super easy Mod Podge project from On Sutton Place.

Now, I probably couldn’t bring myself to permanently damage one of my mom’s doilies, but any other one, get me the scissors!


I know quite a few people who would love this shirt I saw on Etsy.


I stumbled on this collage of Cortney Bishop’s work. My favorite image was in the bottom right hand corner.


While every ounce of my being SHUDDERS at the thought of making those built-in bunk beds, I do love this room.

That ceiling. The ladder. The lights are by Schoolhouse Electric.

If you need me, I’ll be over here picking out a shirt for date night. And then eventually I will realize it doesn’t matter because anything I wear will be covered up by a scarf and a rain jacket. Tis that time of year it’s actually always this way in Ireland!

Happy Friday!


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