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Happy List: #62

Hello, hello!

How’s life treating you? I hope exceptionally well.

This week I talked about “surviving” a snowstorm in Ireland, a place that doesn’t get snowstorms. A full week after the storm started and 4 days after the stores reopened, my grocery store was STILL not fully stocked with the basics that it usually sells. It’s back to normal now and it sure does make me thankful.

On Wednesday, I shared four of my most favorite St. Patrick’s Day ideas! This year St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday, so I’m wondering how crazy is it going to get here in Dublin?

Here is what is on the Happy List this week.


If you have young kids, a new (free) podcast by Gimlet Media called Chompers should make toothbrushing time a little more productive than the usual ‘suck the toothpaste off the brush and call it good’ session.

Chompers has a morning and a night show that is just a few minutes long. In other words, the perfect amount of time kids need to spend brushing their teeth. The narrator tells the kids when to start brushing, which part of their mouth to brush and when to switch to a different side. In between those instructions have been, so far, information about animals or animal jokes.

The podcast is geared for kids up to 7 years of age. My oldest, who is 10, says it sounds like it is for “little kids,” so I guess they nailed it on the target age group. Ha!

My son is 7 years old and likes it. Snce he’s always in a hurry to get through the teeth brushing process, this forces him to slow down. Plus, I think he likes finding the podcast on my phone and being in charge of selecting what he’s going to listen to.

You can find Chompers online, on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.


This picture had me at rainbow-sprinkled rim!

Michael from Inspired by Charm never fails to inspire me. Isn’t this the happiest-looking adult beverage?

Yes, yes it is!

(image: Inspired by Charm)

Get the Leprechaun’s Kiss Martini drink recipe at Inspired by Charm.


Now for the happiest place to drink my adult beverages!

Check out this deck!

Definitely visit Raili Clasen’s Instagram feed for more design inspiration.

She has so many good ideas!


I’m not sure if I should admit this, but when I first saw the picture of this wreath, I wondered how Jen from Style House Interiors got the succulents on there.

(image: Style House Interiors)

Then I went back and read the article and realized the succulents were fake.

Even better!

You have to click through and read the tutorial because how she attaches the succulents is really clever. Hint – the top of the hoop is actually the bottom of the hoop in this case.


Guys. I fell down the office furniture rabbit hole.

I was looking for DIY inspiration for a desk for my son and that’s when I got distracted by ALL. THE. PRETTY. THINGS. on the CB2 site.

Like this gold file cabinet. It’s priced like it’s made of real gold too.


This wood filing cabinet is more my style. Still not my price though. This picture shows two of them pushed together.

I like this cabinet with the brass details the best and it has DIY possibilities.

After all of that, I still did not come up with any doable DIY ideas for my son’s desk.

But the trip down the rabbit hole was fun!


I’ve been following along on Remington Avenue’s new home build in Utah.

This accent wall in her bedroom will be pretty cool!

I’d still love to have a brick floor somewhere in my house, but I’d take a brick wall too!


Does Slower Cooker Chicken in Coconut Milk sound crazy or delicious?

Or crazy delicious?!?!

I tried a new recipe this week and had some leftover coconut milk that I was not about to waste, so I googled recipes with coconut milk and this one on The Kitchn came up.

(image: The Kitchn)

Cooking chicken in milk is not a place my brain has ever gone.

Should I try it? Mine would have to be an oven version though.

That’s it for me, folks! Have a happy weekend!



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