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Happy List: #72 Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Who’s ready for a 3-day weekend?

Me, Me, ME!

Doesn’t Memorial Day kick off the beginning of summer too? I’m ALL about summer!

This week I whined shared about how I’ve come to terms with¬†embraced back-to-back birthdays for my kiddos.

I also shared a gorgeous DIY live edge wood coffee table that I tried to bring home with me on my last visit to my parents’ house.

Here’s this week’s Happy List!


Normally, I’d say if your ceiling has these gorgeous beams, it doesn’t need anything else.

I think I’m wrong. This ceiling is so eye-catching with the wallpaper.

If you aren’t sure, click over to Rachel’s site,¬†Crate and Cottage, to see the before pictures.

(image: Crate and Cottage)


I think we’ve established that I don’t have the greenest of thumbs. Although, I am getting better.

I have never given any thought to how to transplant one of these prickly suckers, so that’s why this article by 4 Men 1 Lady caught my eye. She has a clever trick!

(image: 4 Men 1 Lady)


This tween room is really cool.

It dawned on me if this kiddo’s parents had the patience to tape off all those paint lines, then they should have no problem with patience through the teenage years. Right?!

Get all the details and much more inspiration at The HandMade Home.

(image: The HandMade Home)


Confession. I didn’t know the difference between shibori and tie dye. I had to look it up and based on what I can tell from this article at Adored 1, shibori has been part of Japanese culture since the 8th century. Tie dye is much more recent (early 1900s), but is considered part of the shibori family.

That brings me to these very cool shibori dyed napkins by Jen Woodhouse. Jen has the step-by-step on her site. Also, if you ever watch Jen on InstaStories, she sometimes sings and has the most amazing voice.

(image: Jen Woodhouse at House of Wood)


I like behind-the-scenes photos almost as much (sometimes more) than the actual photo.

I just like knowing what goes into capturing a great moment. Sometimes it is happenstance, but a lot of times it is hard work, patience, and curious wildlife.


Two things I love about this picture.

  1. All the tile on the walls.
  2. The lighting. Notice what the designer did instead of 4 can lights.

More pictures of this space can be found at Lisa Berman Design.

(image: Lisa Berman Design)


Truthfully, I’d probably like these apple “donuts” better than a real donut.

Also truthfully, there is no way I’d be able to eat this dessert gracefully.

Recipe is by Courtney’s Sweets.

(image: Courtney’s Sweets)


One of my favorite Memorial Day traditions is one of service to the members of our family who are no longer with us. I wrote about it here.

We did this a little early this year when we were in Oregon and it was such a blessing.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.


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