Moving! Again!

We are moving! Again!

Our time in Ireland has come to an end.

I say this with mixed emotions because even when leaving is the right thing to do, it is still hard to say ‘see you later’ to a beautiful place and amazing people.

I’ll write more about why we chose to leave Ireland and what factored into our decision in a later article. It’s complicated!

The song, America and Me, by Luke Spehar has been stuck in my head since we touched down in the U.S. It’s a catchy tune you may relate to if you’ve ever been filled with wide-eyed wonder with all there is to explore in America.

I actually have that feeling about the entire world! There’s so much to see, experience and learn!

One of the lines from the song says, “I’ve traveled east. I’ve traveled west. Well, I’ve been north, south and all the rest. And it’s safe to say that we’ve been blessed.” 

That’s how I feel.

Extraordinarily blessed.

For the adventures we’ve had. For the adventures yet to come.

However, real life sometimes gets in the way of my adventuring.

The nerve!

Case in point, I need a few days to unpack my hot press and all the rest of my earthly belongings.

If you don’t know what the heck a hot press is, read this. You’ll be enlightened!

I’m also going to hope the internet gets installed this week.

If it does, my plan is to be back with you next Monday.

Wish me luck!

One more thing before I go. I don’t say it enough – thank you for being awesome. Thank you for reading this blog and supporting our family. I’d still probably write this blog if no one read it, but it is so much more enriching to be a part of a community.

Have the happiest of weeks!

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