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Happy List: #122

Hey, hey, hey!

I’ve had an interesting week. On Wednesday I went to my son’s recorder concert. I actually thought sixty recorders playing Hot Cross Buns was better than one recorder playing that song. Should I question my sanity or my hearing? Remember when I wrote about the benefits of the recorder¬†here? I still stand by that sentiment.

Then I volunteered at the elementary school’s Field Day. Here’s a Universal Rule. Any time your child’s school sends home a note that says “please have your child wear a (insert any color here) shirt to school” that will be the one color of shirt your child does not own. You will also receive that note approximately 5 minutes before your child needs that shirt. Every. dang. time.

I shared big news on Wednesday. We started house hunting! Who knew house hunting would be like riding a rollercoaster: ups and downs, thrills and chills, and you might even puke at the end!

I also shared my latest thrifting finds. Even if I only spend 50 cents, I still think about that purchase because I want to love everything I’m bringing into my home.

Here’s the Happy List!


I repeat: sharks eat BIRDS.

A scientist named Marcus Drymon has been studying shark puke for 9 years and after spotting a few feathers in the puke, he decided he needed to investigate further.

This is a WILD career. I don’t know whether to be fascinated or horrified. At a minimum, I definitely need to encourage my kids to be more creative with their career choices.

Read all about what birds the sharks are eating in this Popular Science article. It’s not marine birds. The article tells you how and why the sharks are eating birds too.

baby shark puke via popular science

(image: Marcus Drymon via Popular Science)


I appreciate people who go the extra mile. And I mean that seriously! Why just have paper towels on the table when you can bungee cord them to the top of the water jug? BRILLIANT!

All the details at Do It and How.

diy hand washing station via do it and how

(image: Do It and How)


We eat our fair share of tacos and burritos. Not that I want to brag.

I never thought about putting pickled onions on tacos, but after reading this recipe from Cookie and Kate I can’t stop thinking about it. And you don’t have to can them or do anything complicated to make pickled onions! Even better.

vegetarian tacos by cookie and kate

(image: Cookie and Kate)


As a tall woman with a really long waist, I know a thing or two about shirts not covering your bum.

While my daughter was taking HALF MY LIFETIME to select a few summer shirts at Old Navy, I decide to try on the luxe swing tank because it was on sale. And I was bored.

Lo and behold, it covered my bum. Since I’m 5′ 9″ and approximately 93% of my height comes from my torso (I exaggerate only slightly) this is no small task.

I wear a size 8 and bought the medium. It’s plenty roomy. I don’t expect this tank to last more than a season or two, but I only spent $11 on it.

luxe swing tank at old navy


This is a neat, cute, easy DIY party favor. Spray chalkboard paint on a chipboard letter and attach chalk. More on this idea from Maison de Pax.

Regular chalk can be dusty, so I also like chalk markers or using a chalk gripper on regular chalk.

chalkboard letters sign via maison de pax(image: Maison de Pax)


Ah, the internet. You never know what sort of rabbit hole it will lead you down and then you’re laughing hysterically at funny birdhouses.

tree hugger birdhouse plan via the winfield collection

Tell me you kept a straight face while looking at that tree hugger birdhouse from The Winfield Collection? It might not be right for my yard, but it sure does make me smile!

If you’ve ever had a hankering to make a birdhouse, The Winfield Collection has pretty much any conceivable birdhouse design you want: church, RV, old man, barn, etc.


Do yourself a favor and go see what Laurie from Vin ‘yet Etc. used to make this jadeite cake stand. SO SMART!

I want one. And a cake too.

diy jadeite cake stand from vin 'yet etc.

(image: Vin ‘yet Etc.)


I read this quote on criticism and others like it in this article.

“The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” — Norman Vincent Peale

I listened to this podcast where historian David Moss argued that being a hypochondriac about our democracy being in jeopardy is actually a good thing. It forces people out of complacency and into action.

Happy Friday! Thanks for reading the Happy List and for hanging out with me this week.

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  • Sandy Smith

    I have the opposite problem than you. I am short and short waisted. Therefore every tee shirt I buy has to be shortened by about 2.5 inches. Even the petit ones have to be shortened. I seldom find one that fits without needing to be shortened.

    I love the monogramed chalkboard because it is so unique.

    Enjoy the field day at school.

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