flower basket centerpiece

Flower Basket Centerpiece

A flower basket centerpiece is the one thing you didn’t know you needed in your life.

I’m telling you, under the definition for joy it should say flower basket centerpiece because a basket overflowing with flowers radiates happiness.

flower basket centerpiece

Now, I know a few of you have an inner rebel that likes to come out and play ever so often. If you want to throw a little bit of rebellion in with your decorating projects then do what I did. 

Find a basket that you’ve put in the trunk of your car to take to the donation center. Break your cardinal rule and bring that item slated for donation back into your house. Squash the guilt deep down in your soul because you can justify breaking this cardinal rule since you’ve finally come up with a good use for this basket. Besides, it’s not like you handed that basket over and then pried it out of the donation worker’s hands or anything. 

Here comes the cherry on top of this rebellious sundae. Cut the handle of this basket off. You’re probably going to need a little handsaw, but a serrated knife might work too. Don’t think too much about why this feels so satisfying. 

Did I need to cut the handle off of that basket? No, but I enjoyed it. In this particular instance, I thought the handle detracted from my goal of making the flowers shine while giving them a cool base to rest in. 

flower basket centerpiece

Now that you have the basket portion of your flower basket centerpiece sorted, all you need now are flowers.

Pick your favorite kind, but you’re going for potted plants, not cut flowers. I used mini roses from the grocery store. Do not ask me why I picked a plant that has given me Rose Picker’s Disease or Sporotrichosis twice. Apparently, I like my decorating with a side of rebellion AND danger. If you Google Sporotrichosis, do not say I didn’t warn you about the images. 

My basket is quite large, so I ended up needing 7 mini rose plants. That’s seven times the joy right there. 

All you do now is arrange those flowers in the basket to your heart’s content. 

flower basket centerpiece

Unless your basket has a plastic liner inside of it, you’re going to want to keep your flowers in their original packaging. I did cut down that paper sleeve though so that it wouldn’t be seen peeking out of the top of the basket. 

I already had the basket and I spent $35 on the 7 mini rose plants. Not my cheapest project ever, but way cheaper than what you’d get from a florist. 

Wouldn’t this make a lovely gift to a friend? Or a Mother’s Day gift? 

flower basket centerpiece

A single flower is lovely, but a huge grouping of flowers multiples the happiness. 

It is one of those instances where you can’t have too much of a good thing! It’s why we all love looking at fields of flowers. 

If you have a spare basket lying around give it a second glance. It might be an excellent jumping off point for your very own flower basket centerpiece.

Dining Room Sources:

Almost everything in my dining room is secondhand or thrifted, so that is completely unhelpful. 

The only recently purchased thing are the wall sconces. They are unavailable at the time of this post (also unhelpful), but this one is similar. I wasn’t able to hardwire them, so I used a battery-operated puck light in them instead.

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