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Our Not Quite Fall Front Porch

We have a not quite summer, not quite fall front porch right now.

Anyone else feeling like they are sitting on the fence between seasons at this very moment with their decor?

No? Just me?

Our Not Quite Fall Front Porch farmhouse front porch

You couldn’t even give me a shove either way off the seasonal fence because I like it right where I am at the moment.

It’s just so pleasant in New Jersey right now. We can hang out outside without wilting under the intense heat and humidity of summer. It’s not yet sweatshirt weather though with the daytime temperatures still in the 70s.

In other words, it is perfect.

If New Jersey was always like this, people would stop complaining about property taxes and never want to leave.


People will always complain about property taxes.

If you need something to count on, you can count on that!

Our Not Quite Fall Front Porch farmhouse front porch

The other reason that we have a not quite fall front porch right now is that my summer flowers and ferns are still hanging on!

Perhaps because I’ve been watering them?

Huh. It couldn’t be that easy, could it?


However, Handy Husband and the kids brought me home some mums the other day. Sweet of them, right?

Of course, mums need to go on the front porch, so that’s why our front porch is currently sending out half summer, half fall vibes.

Usually, I don’t like in-between spaces or feelings. I’m usually more of a “let’s not dilly-dally on a transition” type of person. But this year, I’m appreciating this slow slide into autumn.

I’m savoring the fact that I can sit on the front porch with my cup of coffee while waiting for the kids to get on the school bus without freezing my derrière off.

When the morning temperatures drop and the biting precipitation returns I’ll be like, “Kids! You’re doing so well and have worked so hard for this moment! You’ve now graduated to waiting outside for the bus by yourself. Congratulations!”

Kidding! Maybe…

Our Not Quite Fall Front Porch farmhouse front porch

Because this is you and me and I value honesty in our relationship, I’ll tell you that while I sit out on our not quite summer, not quite fall front porch savoring the moment, I’m also thinking about our to-do list.

I know, I know! It’s bad, but I can’t help myself though.

We discovered a few pieces of rotting trim on the front porch columns when we pressure washed this summer. Thankfully, the problem areas are on the front of the columns, so I didn’t have to do any creative camera positioning or photo editing to get the photos for this post.

We need to replace the rotting trim before my not quite fall porch becomes my ‘holy cow winter will never end’ porch and it is too cold and wet to paint.

In addition to property taxes, you can also count on homeownership being full of maintenance tasks. So, don’t be in a hurry to grow up, kids!

Our Not Quite Fall Front Porch farmhouse front porch

I’m guessing sometime in October I’ll fully transition the porch to fall with the removal of the summer flowers and the addition of a few pumpkins.

I am going to try to winter my ferns on our sunporch. I’ve read it is possible to keep ferns alive over the winter, so I’m curious to see how we do with this task. Wish us luck!

If you have already transitioned your porch to fall or do you have a not quite fall porch like me? I’d love to see what it looks like! Send me a picture here or tag or direct message me on social media. I can be found on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Fall!

P.S. My purple mums are sitting in a white “pineapple” planter from Home Depot. I loathe the name because pineapples are one of the few foods I despise, but I love the planter! It pretty much goes with everything and comes in different sizes.

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