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In Praise of Pressed Flower Art

Pressed flower art has been around forever!

Well, maybe not forever, but at least since the 1500s. So, close enough?

Artists in Japan used pressed flowers as their medium for creating large-scale artwork in the 1500s. As trade between nations expanded, the practice eventually gained favor in England and the United States.

Like any type of art, pressed flower art has trended in and out of style. Is it trendy now? Who knows? Who can keep up? Who wants to?

Make what you like. Buy what you like. The end.

I recently had the most enjoyable experience making actual pressed flower art for my home.

It turned out as delicate and lovely as I had envisioned when I carefully pressed the last of my summer flowers in the largest book I own, The Modern Encyclopedia (copyright 1935).

It’s darling, right?

pressed flower art

When I have fun creating something, it will often spark my interest to figure out what else I could create using the same materials.

I call this a crafting high and I never know how long it is going to last or where it’s going to take me.

Well, actually, this time I do. It brought us here today because I discovered there are some¬†creative geniuses out there making pressed flower art that is gorgeous no matter if it’s trendy or not.

Take these coasters, for instance. How pretty are they with the uneven gold edge?

I like that the flowers are off-centered in the coaster too. It gives it a modern flare.

pressed flower art pressed flower coasters vivianxco etsy

(image: VIVIANxCO via Etsy)

Below is a print of a real piece of artwork that is made from pressed flowers.

I like prints like these because it is a great way to support an artist who can only make so many time-intensive, original creations. It’s usually more affordable too.

Look at that hummingbird! That takes time and talent to make out of flowers!

susans pressed flowers etsy pressed flower art

(image: Susan’s Pressed Flowers via Etsy)

Did you know artists were putting pressed flowers into rings?

As I said, there are creative geniuses out there!

I’d definitely wear something like this for fun, especially the fall-themed ring with the orange leaves.

pressed flower art ring buttonsy jewellry etsy

(image: Buttonsy Jewellry via Etsy)

How about getting your artwork personalized with a photograph?

This Etsy shop will take your digital photo and print it on Polaroid paper. Then they’ll frame it for you with a bunch of different flower options. Sweet, right?

This would make a neat gift for someone.

orenda crafted etsy pressed flower art polaroid

(image: Orenda Crafted via Etsy)

This pressed flower art is striking to me because of the round wood frame and the dramatic black background.

However, the black background might just be the wall color showing through.

Either way, I’m a fan of it all!

emerald rabbit store pressed flower art etsy

(image: Emerald Rabbit Store via Etsy)

P.S. The featured art at the beginning of this blog post is also from the Emerald Rabbit Store on Etsy.

The vintage charm of this pressed flower necklace made me ooh and aah.

Isn’t it lovely? It looks like something your grandma could have worn if Etsy and the internet were things when she was a young lady.

flower vintage jewelry etsy pressed flower art

(image: Flower Vintage Jewelry via Etsy)

What do you think of pressed flower art?

Do you love it all? Does it depend on the medium?

Have you pressed flowers before?

I’ve decided one of the greatest delights in life is opening an old book and finding that someone has pressed a flower or leaf inside and left it for you to find. It feels almost magical to make this discovery – like a piece of time has been captured between the pages of a book.

Finding a pressed flower inside a book isn’t a frequent thing for me, but when I do find one, I always leave it.

If you make pressed flower art or already have some in your home, I’d love to see it. I’m always happily looking for my next dose of inspiration.

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