• mountain themed pool ball rack art
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    Mountain-Themed Pool Ball Rack Art

    I found a pool ball rack at an antique shop and turned it into Mountain-Themed Pool Ball Rack Art because why not? It seemed like the inspired thing to do even if creating this Mountain-Themed Pool Ball Rack Art (Say that five times fast!) was a creative accident. I was going to turn the pool ball rack into a leather-lined tray, but in the process of laying out the leather, I realized the leather shapes looked like mountains. Hold onto your hot glue gun, folks! With that “aha” moment, this project climbed in an entirely new direction. I’m not sad about it! The creative process can be a long and…

  • pressed flower art emerald rabbit store via etsy

    In Praise of Pressed Flower Art

    Pressed flower art has been around forever! Well, maybe not forever, but at least since the 1500s. So, close enough? Artists in Japan used pressed flowers as their medium for creating large-scale artwork in the 1500s. As trade between nations expanded, the practice eventually gained favor in England and the United States. Like any type of art, pressed flower art has trended in and out of style. Is it trendy now? Who knows? Who can keep up? Who wants to? Make what you like. Buy what you like. The end. I recently had the most enjoyable experience making actual pressed flower art for my home. It turned out as delicate…

  • taco corgi from collageorama on etsy unique art for big kid spaces

    Unique Art for Big Kid Spaces

    I went down the Etsy rabbit hole looking for art for our bedroom and instead found a slew of cool, unique art for big kid spaces. There are so many talented artists in the world!  When I find random things here and there that I like (or in this case that my kids would like) I usually put them in a Happy List post. One random thing is fine for the Happy List. Two things in the same category is pushing it, but I’ll allow it. Three things in the same category? Three means you have to make a completely separate blog post because my boss is a tyrant. True story. I’m typing this…

  • new ribbon old frame fireplace leland brewsaugh art
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    Add New Ribbon on an Old Picture Frame

    I recently saved an old picture frame by adding new ribbon to it. It was one of those highly satisfying, but unexpectedly annoying projects. By that I mean my expectation was this craft project would take five minutes. In reality, the train veered off the track on this project, went down an embankment, and an hour later the train was dented and crushed, but I saved the cargo and called the project good. Gee. Dramatic much? I realize sharing my experience in this way might dissuade instead of motivate you to try to add new ribbon on an old picture frame. That’s not my intent. My intent is to encourage…

  • thrift store find flower print with scalloped edge

    Four Recent Thrift Store Finds

    I’ve become more interested in thrift store shopping for my home in recent years for three reasons. I really, really, really, really like a bargain. Certain items of yesteryear are made better than they are now. I don’t want my home to look like everyone else’s. Plus, it balances out my Amazon shopping habit. Oh, and did I mention I like a bargain? My conundrum with thrift store shopping is that I really don’t like shopping in general. It feels like a waste of time and I don’t usually have the patience for it. More often than not I go to a thrift store and see nothing that sparks a…

  • james peter cost art thrifted for five dollars
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    My Thrifted James Peter Cost Art Is Worth How Much?

    A few weekends ago I was browsing the art section at my local Habitat Restore. By art section I mean stacks of framed art haphazardly leaning against a wall. All art in this particular Restore is $2 unless otherwise marked. I found a large painting of a barn for $5 by an artist named James Peter Cost. I don’t know how long the painting had been there, but it was quite dusty. I stood there staring at it for several minutes trying to decide if I’d regret not buying it. I know $5 isn’t a lot, but I’m still intentional with how I spend my five bucks. It is less…

  • decorating,  DIY

    Piano Harp Art

    Every once in awhile an idea in my head, a wild hair, really, turns out even better than I hoped it would. And I’m SO EXCITED ABOUT IT going to play it cool and tell you how my idea to make piano harp art came to fruition. When we took apart the upright piano that had been left in our house when we moved in, I knew I could use the parts of the piano to make unique, statement-making art for our home. Of course, the pièce de résistance of piano parts is the harp and that was the hardest part to extract. Murphy’s Law. The piano harp is the part of…

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    Framing Art With Scrap Leather Instead of Using a Mat

    Why, yes! I did use leather in another crafty home decor project. Give me some scrap leather and I will come up with a host of ways to use it. And in case you are wondering (you’re not, but let’s pretend), someone DID give me a stack of leather and said, “Maybe you can use this for a project or two.” Challenge accepted! This time I used a piece of leather instead of a picture frame mat for framing a piece of art. Let’s not discuss the fact that I have scrap leather, but I don’t have an appropriately sized picture frame mat. Nor am I willing to buy one,…

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    Wrapped String Art Using a Frame, String and Glue

    What do you do when your child comes home with ANOTHER special piece of artwork and wants that artwork framed? You could punt the request until they forget and then mysteriously lose that artwork on garbage day. Ahem.  Not that I would know anything about that. Or, you could IMPROVISE. Improvise is my middle name means to make something out of whatever is available. That certainly is a recurring theme around this slice of the internet and what brings us to today’s project. The art in question is bright, happy and not at all symmetrically cut. It had definitely experienced a rough ride home in a backpack. My daughter loved the…