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Cozy Touches Of Fall In My Home

My home is feeling especially cozy right now, which is a good thing since we are racing as fast as an out-of-control sled down a steep, snow-covered hill toward winter.

Am I ready? No.

Funny thing, that march of time. It happens whether I’m ready or not.

While I might not be ready for the upcoming winter, it’s fine. My home is cozy. I don’t need to leave it. I’ll just hunker down for the next…oh, shoot.

I have to leave the house every day this week.

Adulting is over-rated, folks. Over. Rated.

We’ll revisit the hunkering down thing next week.

Cozy Touches Of Fall In My Home Fall Decor of leaf stamped wood rounds over a mantel in a colonial era farmhouse

In the meantime, the pool towels and the lawn games have been safely (ok, probably haphazardly) tucked away for the winter.

Not the sunscreen though. You’ve got to wear that stuff all year round. If you don’t believe me, ask your doctor the next time they are doing a skin check while you’re standing butt naked in a cold exam room not sure where you should direct your eyes during that awkward but necessary encounter. (The ceiling sure is white. Also, the back of my eyelids are very dark.)

But I digress.

The summery home decor items around here have been replaced with a veritable pumpkin patch. It’s the only time of year you can get away with plastering your entire home with a fruit and I, like the rest of America, go wild.

Before you get worked up, I swear a pumpkin is a fruit. Albeit a fruit that looks like a vegetable and only tastes good if you add enough spices.

I have pumpkins on the dining room table, on the coffee table, on the table in the living room that just holds stuff. Basically, pumpkins are on all the tables. As nature dictates.

Cozy Touches Of Fall In My Home Fall decor of trio of wood bowls filled with mini gourds and pumpkins on a wood dining room table in a colonial era farmhouse

To keep it interesting, I’ve thrown a few acorns into the mix this year too.

I have an acorn wreath in my laundry room because nothing says fresh and clean like acorns.

And because I’m a little nutty, I also have an acorn garland hanging on the fireplace.

I’d put acorns elsewhere in my cozy home, but I ran out.

Cozy Touches Of Fall In My Home diy wood acorn wreath beaded acorn wreath fall wreath ideas

Don’t lament. There’s no time to be sad about the acorn shortage when I have wheat to decorate with.

Dried wheat, not ground wheat. No one’s decorating with flour here.

We’re eating that.

We need lots of carbs to get us through the fall. (I say the same thing about every season.)

Cozy Touches Of Fall In My Home fall decor idea wheat wreath easy minimalist wreath made with wheat hung on a peg rail

The bottom line here is my home is feeling warm and cozy and I’m so profoundly grateful.

There is so much suffering in the world and I’m wrapped up in a blanket getting paid to write silly blog posts about fall decor. Maybe I spend so much time decorating, crafting, and fixing up this old house because it makes me happy and those activities are the few things I have any control over in this world that feels very topsy-turvy.

I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing today you feel warm and cozy. If you have the bandwidth to do so, I hope you can extend that tendril of love to someone else. Imagine if we all could do that. It might change the world.

Do you enjoy fall? Is your home all cozied up? What are the bright spots in your day? I’d love to know. You can always comment on this blog post, email us here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

P.S. Buck naked and butt naked are both correct turns of phrase. If you want to know the origins of both, Merriam-Webster has got you covered. (Haha! No pun intended.)

Thank you for being here today. I hope it was a bright spot in your day. Here are some other blog posts you might enjoy. 

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