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12 Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

I hear supply chains are constricted, so here are 12 handmade holiday gift ideas to consider making for your friends and family this year.

The best part is some of these gift ideas are DIY cheats meaning not totally handmade from scratch. They just have a handmade, personal touch. That totally counts!

Ready? Let the inspiration flow:

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Game Boards

Board games are often popular gifts. How about making a handmade checkers board or chessboard?

You could keep it a little easier and make a Tic Tac Toe board too.

If you’re interested in vintage wood checkers to go with your game board, you can find them on Etsy.

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Basketball Hoop with Wood Backboard

This DIY gift idea is completely customizable from size to color.

We made ours using a mini over-the-door hoop, but the same concept applies to a basketball hoop of any size. You can find the tutorial here.

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Charging Bench

Do you have a cord mess at your house? Does your partner love benches?

If so, this is the idea for you.

We made our charging bench, but you can take almost any storage bench and easily turn it into a charging station for your electronic devices. Read how in this tutorial.

diy charging bench for electronic devices

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Wood Ornaments

Have scrap wood or wood shapes from the craft store?

Turn them into personalized Christmas ornaments or extra fancy gift tags!

We used a paint pen to write Christmas-themed words on these ornaments, but the sky is the limit on how these can be customized.

wood block christmas ornament Easy DIY Christmas Decor Idea

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Scarf with Hidden Pocket

Years later I still wear this scarf with a hidden pocket! I usually have tissues or a mint tucked inside, but it would be a good spot for storing an extra face mask too.

Get the tutorial here.

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Rolling Plant Caddy

Put your scrap wood to use and make a rolling plant caddy for the plant lover in your life.

You just need a set of swivel casters to screw onto the bottom.

Herringbone Rolling Plant Caddy

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Game Board Coasters

For the game lover or party planner in your life, make them some game board coasters using old board games.

No need to sacrifice your own games. You can find old board games with really cool game board designs at thrift stores for a buck or two.

Get the tutorial here.

DIY board game coasters

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Wooden Bowl 

No one will know that you didn’t spend oodles of money on this gift…unless you tell them you got this idea by reading this blog. I’d actually like it if you did that, but I see your dilemma.

Buy a thrift store wood bowl or tray. They usually only cost two or three bucks. Sand off the hideous orange finish. Voila! You now have an expensive-looking, useful, and cool gift to give.

More details here.

wood bowl makeover

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Leather Belt Tray

If you have a tray and leather belts, you can make a one-of-a-kind leather belt tray for someone you love (or yourself). I won’t judge if you make gifts for yourself. I pretty much do this year-round for myself.

Get the tutorial here.

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Homemade Freezer Jam

Food gifts that you don’t have to eat right this second are nice to receive. I will often make freezer jam for my neighbors for Christmas. It’s fast and easy to make, even for a beginner. You can use fresh or frozen berries too.

Get the tutorial here.

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Wood Hearts 

What’s better than giving someone your heart?

Give someone a bowl of wood hearts.

Hmm…maybe that’s not better, but it must be a close second? Third? Ah, let’s not get bogged down in rankings. Just focus on the pretty pictures.

See how we made these rustic wood hearts here.

diy rustic wood hearts

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas: Santa Belt Magnets

I made these Santa Belt Magnets way back in 2014 and still think they are fun!

All you need are a few items from the craft store and a steady hand.

Get the tutorial here.

I hope these 12 Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas provided you with some inspiration!

If you put your own spin on one of these DIYs, please let me know by commenting here or by tagging me on social media. You can email me too via the contact page on this website. I’d love to see your creations!

Happy Holidays!

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