new living room rug chris loves julia x loloi jules terracotta multi

Our New Living Room Rug Gives a Warm Feel To This Part of Our Home

Make one change and an entire space can feel different. That’s what happened when we rolled out our new living room rug.

Our new living room rug gives a warm feel to this entire space.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

The end.

Kidding! You know I can wax on about pretty much anything in a blog post!

new living room rug Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Jules Terracotta Multi Rug

Our old living room rug, which I still like, had a brighter version of the same colors this new living room rug has.

Blues, yellows, orangey reds, browns.

It was bright, playful, and didn’t take itself too seriously.

Our new living room rug is a bit warmer tone-wise, understated, and sophisticated.

Sophisticated because we’re so fancy over here.


new living room rug Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Jules Terracotta Multi Rug

This new living room rug’s real superpower though is hiding puzzle pieces.

I picked one up after I took all of these pictures.

*shakes head in shame*

We’d been looking for that piece!

new living room rug Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Jules Terracotta Multi Rug

One consequence of moving as frequently as we have is that we end up using furniture and decor that was never intended for the new space.

Often times your old stuff works just fine in your new place, but not always. Or it might not fit your vision for the space. Or it might not reflect how you’re currently feeling or want to feel in your home.

Right now, I want to feel like I’ve been wrapped up in a cocoon. Or bubble wrap. Basically, anything that protects me from the sharp edges of life once we leave these four walls.

That’s why I was on the lookout for a new living room rug.

new living room rug Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Jules Terracotta Multi Rug

Now that the new living room rug is here, the transition from the more rustic area of this Colonial Farmhouse to this more formal space feels a little less jarring.

It’s a little gentler on the eyes.

I’m happy with how everything is looking for now. Until I change my mind and you know I will, I’m going to enjoy the heck out of this new living room rug.

But if this rug eats many more puzzle pieces, all bets are off on how fast I change my mind.

P.S. The new rug is from the Chris Loves Julia x Loloi line. It is the Jules Terracotta / Multi Oriental Area Rug in the 8′-6″ x 11′-6″ size.

I’ve found you need to shop around for this brand of rugs because it can be cheaper on different websites depending on the day. I got mine on the Walmart website during a flash sale. Wayfair also has it. Amazon carries it too. On the day I’m writing this they are all priced the same. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

This is my first Loloi rug and I don’t know if they are all this way, but there’s no carpet pile to the rug. It’s super soft to walk on, but the design looks like it’s printed directly on whatever the rug material is. Since the pile on synthetic rugs can mat over time, it seems like this rug has the potential to look better longer. We’ll see!

P.P.S. I still have our old living room rug because it makes me happy. We just moved it to a different spot where it is going to look amazing once we finish work in that particular space.

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