spring-themed teen bedroom

Spring-Themed Teen Bedroom and a Fun Wall Sconce

I’m so excited to share a spring-themed teen bedroom refresh with you.

Even if you kissed those teenage years goodbye and good riddance a long time ago, there are some ideas in this teen bedroom that you might enjoy for your own home.

Here’s how this teen bedroom looked the last time I shared it.

Not a boy band poster to be found…thank goodness.

vintage girls bedroom

When we installed a bedside wall sconce above our son’s headboard, our other kiddo wanted one too.

This kiddo’s bedroom doesn’t have any overhead lights, so this was not an outrageous request.

In fact, the only light in this room was that bedside lamp on the nightstand. It’s not a big room, at all, but still. The room could use an additional light or two.

I let my kids have input, if they want it, into how their bedrooms look and function. My older kiddo cares more than my younger kiddo about how things look right now.

Spring-Themed Teen Bedroom

For this light situation, I narrowed down a list of lights that would work for the kiddo and the space and then let my kiddo choose.

We would be using a battery-operated puck light instead of hard-wiring the sconce because there isn’t existing wiring in the wall for this purpose.

Spring-Themed Teen Bedroom

That meant the shade had to be a particular dimension to fit the puck light. The sconce also needed to come out from the wall a certain distance to be a good reading light. Last, the light needed to be budget-friendly.

I found these lights for $37 on Amazon that fit all my requirements.

Aren’t they amazing?

There’s not a bad color in the bunch.

iYoee Wall Sconce via Amazon teen girl's bedroom

I was secretly delighted that my teen selected the green sconce for their bedroom.

It pairs nicely with the yellows and greens in the new spring-themed botanical duvet cover that is gracing the bed.

Isn’t the duvet happy-looking?

Spring-Themed Teen Bedroom

It may not surprise you, since I have a few eccentricities, that I have become particular about duvet covers.

We ditched the top sheet years ago and just use duvets, so I cannot handle any duvet cover that snags or pills. Not only does it look terrible, it feels bad on your skin.

We have the Wake in Cloud brand duvet covers on the bed in our primary bedroom, so I know those duvet covers live up to my standards. That’s why I had our teenager select from that brand for their own bedroom.

If you really want to live life on the edge, let your kids select their own bedding!

Spring-Themed Teen Bedroom

I was a bit worried about how the botanical duvet cover would look when I pressed “order,” but it’s really pretty in person.


Spring-Themed Teen Bedroom

The most important thing about this spring-themed teen bedroom is whether the teen would be happy with the newly updated space.

I’m thrilled to say there were big smiles all around and I even got a “Thanks, Mom! I love it.”


P.S. Sunny the Cat is also pleased with this spring-themed teen bedroom. Although, in fairness, he’s not picky about any of the decor in this room as long as it doesn’t disrupt his daily 7-hour nap.

sunny the cat spring-themed teen bedroom

Clearly, he leads a rough, rough life.

Do you like botanical prints on bedding? Or does it just depend? Do you change your bedding around based on the season? I’d love to hear about it! You can email me here or message me on Instagram or Facebook.

Spring-Themed Teen Bedroom Sources:

puck lights (I detailed how we install the puck lights here.)

green wall sconce

Wake in Cloud botanical duvet cover set (twin)

twin duvet insert (fits in the washing machine!)

yellow fitted sheet 

headboard (thrifted)

pillow (old – Target) (similar)

nightstand (thrifted)

table lamp (old-Target)

Art – all downloaded free from Freepik

*affiliate links in this blog post*

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