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Carriage House Interior Makeover Reveal

Thank you for following along on this Carriage House Interior Makeover series. (Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2.) Today is time for the reveal of the space!

Makeover reveals make me uncomfortable. It’s not that I’m not happy with the work we’ve put into a space, but a reveal implies something final to me. This Carriage House interior makeover isn’t even really done yet.

It’s just done for now. But that’s still a reason to celebrate!

I’m going to assume I’m not the only one who feels this way about their home, especially one you are continually working on.

As a reminder, here is what the Carriage House looked like in 2019 when we bought this property.

Carriage House Interior Makeover Reveal BEFORE PHOTO

Here is that same view today.

Cleaner, brighter, and a whole lot happier.

Carriage House Interior Makeover Reveal desk and sleeping space combined

The Carriage House is a long, narrow space. It’s only a little over 8-ft wide! (The rug on the floor is an 8×10.)

Eight feet is bigger than a Harry Potter-sized cupboard, but not a whole lot to work with when you’re trying to cram at least a queen-sized bed in the space.

We had to get creative with the space planning to create a work zone, a sleeping zone, and an eating zone.

The far wall of the Carriage House was designed to hold the standing desk provided by Handy Husband’s work. He mainly works from home these days. I’d like to thank his company for providing their employees standing desks (it raises and lowers from sitting to standing height), but it’s not the prettiest.

We have a closet to the left of the desk that holds all the computer components and shelves to the right of the desk for storage and decor.

Carriage House Interior Makeover Reveal headboard room divider bar and kitchenette room divider

The sleeping zone for the Carriage House interior makeover threw us for a loop for a while.

There’s only one wall that logically makes sense to place a bed. If we put the bed on that wall, it’s hard to walk around the end of the bed. There are only about 16 or so inches of clearance.

We considered doing a Murphy bed, but the ceiling isn’t tall enough for the bed to move from the upright position down to the ground. Quite the conundrum, right?

In the end, we decided to sacrifice the convenience of our guests (sorry!) and turned the bed so that one side of it is against the wall. I guess couples who stay with us will just have to fight over who is sleeping against the wall and who isn’t. Again, sorry!

Carriage House Interior Makeover Reveal headboard room divider

The new bed configuration makes the walkway to the office zone much easier to access with approximately 36 inches of clearance now.

Remember, Handy Husband uses this office every single work day. We only have guests a few times a year. It made more sense to create a space that prioritized his needs.

Floating a bed in the middle of a room is a little bit weird unless you give it a purpose. Ours is serving two purposes.

First, as a room divider. We purposefully placed the headboard at a height where it divided the room but didn’t block the entire view of the space.

Second, the back of the headboard became a bar and seating area for the kitchenette. We didn’t have room for much else, so this solution worked out well.

Here’s a fun fact! The wood for the bar top came out of an old piano we repurposed.

Carriage House Interior Makeover Reveal with headboard as a room divider back of headboard is a bar top for a kitchenette

The kitchenette of the Carriage House used to look dark and dated.

Plus, the overhead fluorescent light was very obnoxious.

Carriage House Interior Before Photos Dated Kitchenette

Only three things were changed with the kitchenette.

We painted the cabinet and hardware, switched out the faucet, and removed the upper cabinets.

We installed a mirror over the sink in the kitchenette because the bathroom is tiny. This gives our guests an additional place to get ready for the day.

The space is still dated, but those small changes do make a difference!

Carriage House Interior Makeover Reveal kitchenette with handmade oval mirror and original beams

As I said at the beginning of this blog post, our Carriage House interior makeover isn’t done but it is done for now.

There is still work to do out here with the trim, doors, plumbing fixtures, and HVAC. Someday, we might get fancy and even add a refrigerator to the kitchenette. That would be a game changer!

All that said, we are so happy with how far the Carriage House interior has come in the last few years and excited about our future plans and ideas.

Some renovations happen in one fell swoop and others, like our Carriage House interior makeover, happen slowly as time, money, and energy allow.

Either way, the improvements you make to a space can make you fall in love with your home a little more each time.

Room Sources:

Headboard: DIY (similar)

Sheets: Target

Paint: Behr Arcade White

Stools: Thrifted

Bar: DIY

Rug: Safavieh

Runner: Thrifted

Turkish hand towels: Amazon

Coverlet: (old) Target

*affiliate links in this blog post*

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I know your time is valuable and I’m so grateful you chose to spend part of your day here. Thank you. If you’d like another blog post to read, try one of these:

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