diy mini silhouette christmas ornaments with gold frames
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DIY Mini Silhouette Christmas Ornaments

If you love framed silhouettes, then you’ll love today’s ornament idea! Allow me to introduce you to the Mini Silhouette Christmas Ornaments.

Aren’t they great?

diy mini silhouette ornament in a gold frame

These ornaments come together quickly and can be as personal and nostalgic as you want them to be! Plus, they add a little bit of glam to your Christmas tree.

Here’s how to make these Mini Silhouette Christmas Ornaments.

Materials Needed To Make Mini Silhouette Christmas Ornaments:

mini frames (25-pack / The frames are tiny – less than 2 inches square.)
silhouettes to print out
card stock (white or cream colored)
hot glue
ribbon (I used a 1/4-inch wide black grosgrain ribbon)
clear tape, glue, or Mod Podge

diy mini silhouette christmas ornaments with gold frames

Let’s Make Some Mini Silhouette Christmas Ornaments:

These ornaments really are pretty easy to make if you can print, cut, and glue things!

Step 1: Size and print out your silhouettes on card stock. If you don’t have digital silhouettes of your family, you can download free silhouettes and size them accordingly. Google “free silhouettes” or “silhouette clip art.”

Step 2: Using the frame as a point of reference, use a pencil to trace or mark where on the card stock to cut your silhouettes. Cut out your silhouettes and secure them to the back of your frames with either clear tape, glue, or Mod Podge. I used tape because it was quicker and less permanent.

Step 3: Hot glue ribbon in a loop to the back of the mini frames so you can hang your ornaments. If you use frames larger than the ones I did, you’ll just need to make sure that your ribbon that is hot glued on can support the weight of the frame.

Step 4: Hang your Mini Silhouette Christmas Ornaments on your tree and enjoy!

diy mini silhouette christmas ornaments with gold frames

Variations on this Mini Silhouette Ornament idea:

  • If I was really dedicated and prepared, it sure would be neat to have a silhouette of my kids for each year of their life. It would be like a growth chart for the Christmas tree but in silhouette form.
  • Are there any pet parents out there? How cute would it be to have a Mini Silhouette Ornament featuring the furry members of your family? Pawsitively cute!
  • Instead of framing silhouettes, how about framing some of that holiday art your kids bring home? Just cut it down to size and you’ll have a whole bunch of mini masterpieces to hang on your Christmas tree.
  • Sheet music, especially if it is the music for a song that has meaning to you, would look so pretty framed and hung on your Christmas tree as ornaments.
  • It would tug on the heartstrings to frame scraps of fabric from baby clothes, your dad’s flannel shirt, etc., and hang them on the tree as ornaments.

diy mini silhouette ornaments in a gold frame

I had so much fun making these Mini Silhouette Ornaments. These ornaments really are tiny – no more than a couple of inches in size. It’s amazing how something so small can have such a big impact on a Christmas tree.

I hope these ornaments inspire an idea or two for you to make something special for your Christmas tree.

Happy Christmas crafting!

Do you like framed silhouettes? Do you like Christmas crafts and making your own ornaments? I’d love to know. I’d also love to see pictures! You can always comment on this blog post, email me here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Thank you for being here today. It really made makes my day to share ideas with you and I hope it was worth your while too! Here are some other blog posts you might enjoy.

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