lamp in a kitchen trend small lamp in a farmhouse kitchen

I Finally Joined The Lamp In A Kitchen Trend

Have you noticed the lamp in a kitchen trend?

As far as trends go, it’s probably an old one by now but in the past year I’ve noticed many bloggers and influencers with small lamps sitting on their kitchen counters.

As someone who likes clutter-free counters and doesn’t have a ton of counter space to spare, I’ve mainly ignored this trend as something that isn’t for me.

Until now.

lamp in a kitchen trend small lamp in a butler's pantry in a farmhouse kitchen annex

I recently discovered the practicality and utter joyfulness of having a small lamp in the kitchen. Let me tell you, I’m here for all the practicality and joy this world offers.

I don’t mean to take away from the wholesomeness of those last two sentences but I need to confess that I cheated a little with my take on the lamp in a kitchen trend. Just a tiny bit, really.

I put my lamp on the microwave station in our kitchen annex. It’s a multipurpose spot off our kitchen that functions as a butler’s pantry, mudroom, hallway, and more. So, the lamp isn’t technically on my kitchen counter but it’s in a kitchen-ish space.

lamp in a kitchen trend small lamp in a butler's pantry in a farmhouse kitchen annex

We don’t have any overhead lighting in the kitchen annex, which is something I’ve complained about for the entire time we’ve lived here. It took me a solid year of observing the lamp in a kitchen trend to realize that while we don’t have overhead lighting in this space, we do have an outlet.

You know what plugs into an outlet?

Not my brain.

A lamp.

I was definitely slow realizing that I could solve most of our lighting problem with an $11 Walmart lamp.

In my defense, when you live in a really old house that is short on outlets you sort of forget that outlets may be the solution to your problem.

My small lamp in our kitchen annex does solve a practical problem but it also provides a lovely sense of ambiance in this space. I can understand why the internet has gone gaga over this trend.

lamp in a kitchen trend small lamp in a butler's pantry in a farmhouse kitchen annex

Will this lamp in a kitchen trend have staying power? I don’t know.

I actually don’t think that’s the point.

The bigger point is that someone reimagined the way a large chunk of society uses their kitchens. We always do things this way but what if we did it that way?

Those sorts of mental exercises are always good for our homes, our jobs, our government, our society.

Well, this post took a more philosophical turn than I intended.

But I’m always happy to shed some light on the various trends I’m late in adopting.

What do you think of the kitchen in a lamp trend? Do you have that perfect spot in your kitchen for a small lamp that’s away from water and potential grease splatters? Or do you think this trend is all hype? I’d love to know. You can always comment on this blog post, email us here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Here are three small lamps under $15 that I think are pretty for a kitchen.

The $10.97 lamp I got at Walmart. The base is more grayish-blue than pure grey.

Mainstays Mini Gray Ceramic Table Lamp with Shade 12.75"H-Gray Finish and Traditional Style from walmart lamp in a kitchen trend









(image: Walmart)

This $12 rattan wrapped stick lamp from Target.

Mini Rattan Wrap Stick Table Lamp Black - Threshold™ from Target lamp in a kitchen trend









(image: Target)

This $14 concrete lamp from Amazon. (On sale from $24.99.)

Simple Designs LT2060-BLK Geometric Concrete Table Lamp, Black 6.3"L x 6.3"W x 10.6"H via amazon lamp in a kitchen trend









(image: Amazon)

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  • Laura L

    I found a tiny lamp made of crystal and brass in my local thrift store. I took it apart, cleaned it, and rewired it with a night light bulb instead of a regular bulb. I put a little chandelier lampshade on it and it looks really cute! I leave it on all the time since it is only a night light but it looks so cute on my counter! I have had it a few years now, but I guess I am part of the light in the kitchen group! 🙂

    • annisa

      Hi Laura! I didn’t think about going the night light route. Come to think of it, I’ve never purchased a night light bulb. I’ve purchased night lights but not bulbs to make my own night light. That’s such a good idea!

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