colorful resin rainbow chess set from james 6 creations via etsy in praise of unique chess sets
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Teenager-Approved Unique Chess Sets and Merch

Need gift ideas? I can help with these teenager-approved unique chess sets.

Chess is very popular with my kids and their friends. I thought it was a passing fad during the pandemic, but it still seems very popular with the middle school crowd in particular.

In fact, during carpool recently, one of the kids told me they were collecting chess sets and wanted another one for Christmas. Alrighty, then.

Here are seven teenager-approved unique chess sets plus some bonus chess merch. (That’s how all the cool kids say merchandise these days. It should be noted that you can’t be a mom and a cool kid. That’s “cringe” as my kids would say.)

Magnetic Chess Set | Uncommon Goods

A friend has this magnetic chess set hanging in their hallway and father and son keep an ongoing game of chess in play. I thought that was the neatest idea. You don’t have to sit down and devote a bunch of time at once to keep a chess game going and a family connection alive.

This is the large version but they make a smaller version that is half the price.

magnetic chess set that hangs on wall from uncommon goods in praise of unique chess sets

(image: Uncommon Goods)

Live Edge Chess Set | Etsy

There are a bunch of Etsy shops making live edge chess sets, so I just picked one that called to me.

A chess board with a live edge would look so striking sitting out on a table. I’m sure it’s fun to play too. Ha!

live edge wood chess set from deep earth source via etsy in praise of unique chess sets

(image: Deep Earth Source via Etsy)

Lego Chess Set | Lego

Build it and then you can play! But seriously, how fun is this chess set from Lego? Great way to combine two interests.

P.S. You can also play checkers with it.

lego chess set from lego in praise of unique chess sets

(image: Lego)

Chess Daily Puzzle | Etsy

It’s not a chess set but it might be the perfect gift for a chess lover. They get a calendar, a daily puzzle, and some chess history all in one go.

chess a day calendar game calendar SILU Game Products via Etsy in praise of unique chess sets

(image: SILU Game Products via Etsy)

Resin Rainbow Chess Set | Etsy

Here’s proof that a serious game of chess can be played on a bright, colorful chess set. Isn’t this the happiest chessboard you’ve ever seen?

My 13-year-old saw this one and said, “WOAH! That’s cool!”

colorful resin rainbow chess set from james 6 creations via etsy in praise of unique chess sets

(image: James 6 Creations via Etsy)

Concrete Chess Set | Etsy

Now for the complete opposite of colorful, a chess set made from concrete! Someone is very good at working with concrete and I’m here for this minimalist style.

concrete chess set minimalist chess set from house of crete via etsy in praise of unique chess sets

(image: House of Crete via Etsy)

Ocean Chess Set | Etsy

Be still my ocean-loving heart. The pieces of this chess set are made with sand! That’s the neatest thing. If you have a beach house, you need this chess set! (Also, please invite me over.)

I showed this one to my 13-year-old and asked, “Dope or nope?”

“Definitely, dope!” he replied.

ocean chess set using sand in resin for the chess pieces hiera resin art via etsy in praise of unique chess sets

image: Hiera Resin Art via Etsy)

P.S. Dope means good, not the drug. It’s hard keeping up with the vernacular of Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

Minecraft Chess Set | Etsy

Minecraft and chess? Why not? My 13-year-old has friends who would really like a chess set made with a Minecraft theme.

minecraft chess set drb collection via etsy in praise of unique chess sets

(image: DRB Collection via Etsy)

Think Hoodie | Etsy

I know it’s not a chess set, but this chess hoodie is awesome. It was also teenager-approved.

Teens love their hoodies as long as it is over-sized. Don’t make the mistake of ordering something that actually fits them. You’ll just be wasting your money.

think chess hoodie purple apparel tx via etsy in praise of unique chess sets

(image: Purple Apparel TX via Etsy)

It makes me so happy that some kids are interested in chess. It’s a game that, once they learn, they can play their entire lives.

What do you think of these chess sets? Do you play? I’d love to know. You can always comment on this blog post, email us here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Happy gaming!

P.S. This is our chess set. I found it at a thrift store, which is typical for me. Imagine my surprise when I brought it home and my 13-year-old said his best friend had the same exact set! Small world.

teenager approved unique chess sets

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