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Denim and Yarn 4th of July Wreath

I was inspired to make a Denim and Yarn 4th of July Wreath this year and it might be my favorite wreath of all time.

Don’t tell my other wreaths, okay?

Inspiration for this wreath came from a burlap wreath I saw on the Pottery Barn website. My wreath doesn’t use burlap but that’s how inspiration works. It’s a spark and you never know where that spark will land and ignite.

For me, it ignited, so to speak, in my craft closet because I wanted to only use items I had on hand to make a wreath.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Make a Denim and Yarn 4th of July Wreath:

foam wreath form (similar)
red and white yarn (I used a burgundy red and creamy white for a vintage look.)
old jeans to cut up
wood star beads or small white buttons
office stapler and staples
hot glue gun and glue
ribbon to hang your wreath

How to Make a Denim and Yarn 4th of July Wreath:

Step 1: Wrap The Yarn

Knot your first color of yarn around the wreath form to secure it and begin wrapping the yarn around the form. Try not to overlap the yarn unless that’s the look you’re going for.

When you’re satisfied with the width of your stripe, you can transition to the second color of yarn.

I did this by knotting the ends of the two colors together and further securing the yarn to the wreath form with a staple.

I wrapped about 2/3 of the wreath form in alternating colors of red and white yarn.

PRO TIP: We’re all at different levels in our crafting journey. If this step is too easy for you and you want to make it harder or if you haven’t cursed under your breath enough today, you can always use a knotted mess of yarn instead of a nicely wound skein. I love an easily adaptive craft, don’t you?

denim and yarn 4th of july wreath patriotic wreath ideas diy 4th of july wreath

Step 2: Cut Out and Attach Denim Feathers

Draw a feather or leaf shape on the back of your denim fabric with a marker. Mine is about 3 1/2 inches long.

Cut it out and use it as a template to trace a whole bunch more feathers on your denim. I didn’t count how many I used but you will need more than you think. Maybe half a leg’s worth.

Cut out the feathers.

Attach them around the wreath form in an overlapping pattern using a stapler. Bonus points if your stapler has a random piece of clear tape stuck to the side of it for some unknown reason.

denim and yarn 4th of july wreath patriotic wreath ideas diy 4th of july wreath

Hot glue can sometimes melt styrofoam, so that’s why I didn’t use it initially. I did come back after the feathers were attached to the wreath form and tack some of them in place to the other denim feathers with hot glue so that they didn’t droop. Gravity is a real downer.

PRO TIP: If you don’t know where to get old denim to cut up, I’d suggest looking in your husband’s closet. What you do after that is totally up to you. Make good decisions, people.

Step 3: Add Stars

Just like every romance novel has a third act where the couple fights and temporarily breaks up, so does every craft have a moment where you are ready to chuck it out the window.

Figuring out how to add stars to this Denim and Yarn 4th of July Wreath without making it look cheesy was tricky.

I enlisted the help of friends. One of my friends suggested adding small dots. Another suggested adding small white buttons.

Folks, it takes a village to make a wreath.

I didn’t have anything small and round, but miracle of miracles, I did have something small and star-shaped. Wood star beads. Sure am glad I’ve been hoarding those.

I hot glued them to the denim feathers. Buttons would work great too!

denim and yarn 4th of july wreath patriotic wreath ideas diy 4th of july wreath

Step 4: Hang and Enjoy!

Last but not least, I hung the wreath over a door using a navy blue ribbon. It’s tacked to the door with a thumbtack.

How you decide to hang your wreath just depends on where you want to hang it. If I was hanging it from a wreath hanger or nail, I might not have used a ribbon and could have added more stars.

denim and yarn 4th of july wreath patriotic wreath ideas diy 4th of july wreath

I may be biased because I did make this wreath and call it my favorite, but I think it looks professional enough that it could be something sold at Pottery Barn.

Hey, Pottery Barn! Call me. For you, I’d answer the phone.

What do you think of my Denim and Yarn 4th of July Wreath? If you use this idea to make your own wreath I’d love to know that too. Please leave a comment on this blog post, email us here, or reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

Happy 4th of July!

Thanks for being here today. I know your time is valuable and I’m glad you chose to spend part of it with me. If you have a few more minutes, I have a few more blog posts for your reading enjoyment.

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