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    One Year Without Throw Pillows

    Slap on your party hats because today is an important anniversary. I am celebrating one year without throw pillows! Yes, I know it’s a weird thing to celebrate. I am a little weird though, so just roll with it! I have been a card-carrying member of Team Throw Pillow my entire adult life. I love how throw pillows look. I love how they can quickly change the vibe of your space. I love that they aren’t super expensive. I love the cushiony effect throw pillows provide. But guess what? I’ve also been harboring a grudge against throw pillows for the entire time that I’ve been on Team Throw Pillow. See,…

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    How We Like Our Amazon Rivet Leather Sofa

    Spending a ton of money on a sofa is worrisome. Spending a ton of money on a sofa you bought online and NEVER SAT ON is the stuff of nightmares. So, of course, that’s what we did. We purchased Amazon’s Rivet Andrews Leather Sofa in July 2018 and have lived with it long enough (over 6 months) to feel comfortable sharing our experience. This is not a sponsored post, but I do participate in the Amazon Associates program. If you use one of my affiliate links to make a purchase, I get credit but it doesn’t cost you anything extra.  How We Over-Thought Made Our Purchase Decision The Amazon Rivet Andrews Leather…