• cb2 brass bird scissors

    In Praise of Pretty Scissors

    I use our kitchen scissors (shears, if I’m being fancy) a dozen times a day and they aren’t the prettiest scissors on the planet. They aren’t the worst either. Our kitchen scissors are used so frequently for all manner of tasks that more often than not they will be left out on the counter. Putting them away has become a point of friction in our kitchen, so I have been thinking about designating a wall hook specifically for the kitchen scissors. But that means those scissors need to be pleasing to look at if I’m going to intentionally display them instead of intentionally being lazy and leaving them out. Can…

  • mrspetunia etsy shop vintage embroidered pillowcases

    In Praise of Embroidered Pillowcases

    All of a sudden I’m seeing embroidered pillowcases everywhere and I couldn’t be happier about it! We received a set of embroidered pillowcases as a wedding gift over two decades ago. I can’t remember who gave them to me (sorry!) or if they were even handstitched. I always thought those embroidered pillowcases made my bedding look far fancier than it really was. Unfortunately, fancy eventually turned into threadbare because we used those pillowcases so often. I don’t know how many of you learned to hand embroider, but I’d venture to say it was a much more common skill if you go back a couple of generations. Not to put an…

  • Repurposed Light Shade Planter

    Repurposed Light Shade Planter

    I adore a good repurposed decor project and my Repurposed Light Shade Planter ┬áis just that! What was destined for the dumpster is now being repurposed in my home. This industrial light was on the end of our Carriage House. We took it down because it wasn’t working. Also, hornets had made a lovely home inside of it. I can see the appeal. Handy Husband was going to get rid of the light. *GASP* Did he not see the potential? No. He did not. It’s a good thing I’m here to save all the junky treasures! I’m sure Handy Husband feels the exact same way. Yours truly gave the light…