• collecting antique car horns

    Collecting: Antique Car Horns

    I have two antique car horns and I’m looking for a third, so I guess I’m collecting antique car horns now. I’m pretty jazzed about it! Every once in awhile when you visit this blog I want you to not only leave with inspiration, but some random trivia to impress your friends and family with too. It’s the least I can do for you, right?   Here goes… Antique car horns were first used in Britain in the 1800s. It was a matter of safety when self-propelled vehicles started sharing the road with horses, wagons, and people. By the late 1800s, motorists were using horns, bells, and whistles to alert others to their presence. In the…

  • brass coffee table mashup

    Coffee Table Mashup

    Today I have a coffee table mashup story for you. I’m so cool that when I decided to use the word mashup I had to Google it to determine if this slang was written as one word, two words, or hyphenated. So cool, indeed. Wait. Do the cool kids say ‘cool’ these days? I should probably ask my 13-year-old, but I’ve already reached my daily quota on eye rolls.  Anyway, you might be wondering what a coffee table mashup is? It’s when you combine different coffee table parts to make a new coffee table. A top from one coffee table, a base from a different coffee table and bada-bing bada-boom you have a coffee table mashup! I have…

  • vintage ethan allen chairs

    Vintage Ethan Allen Chairs for our Living Room

    There has been a change in our living room! Vintage Ethan Allen chairs are now providing cush for our tushes! I’ve been idly on the hunt for high quality chairs for our living room. I wanted chairs that would stand the test of time from a style and quality perspective, but also be comfortable to sit in. Comfort is VERY important around here!  I loved the look and function of the recliner chairs I bought for a quick fix in our living room, but I also regretted that purchase. The recliners just didn’t feel sturdy enough to stand the test of everyday, heavy use. That’s the difference between cheaply made and high quality furniture. One…

  • Fall Coffee Table with Blue Accents tiffany bowl

    Fall Coffee Table with Blue Accents

    Today’s “Fall Coffee Table with Blue Accents” post came about because a friend sent me the prettiest blue and white bowl. I know what you’re thinking. YES! I do have pretty awesome friends. I don’t have a lot of friends (I’d have to leave my house more often for that), but the ones I do have are the life-altering ones. The ones that you plan on raising a ruckus with in the retirement home. This particular friend is the one who I exchange 100 text messages with per day on all the minutiae and hilarity that is our lives. Everyone needs a friend who you can confess to that you…

  • Removing Window Decals removing really old window decals stuck to the window

    Removing Window Decals

    Many home makeovers and renovations involve adding things to a home to give it character or function. I’ve spent the last six months removing things from our Colonial Farmhouse. Stencils, wallpaper and window decals have been the worst offenders. Removing these items has let the home’s existing character shine through. Let’s talk about the fun job of removing window decals. The windows on our living room fireplace wall were adorned with colorful, flowery window decals. Truthfully, I didn’t loathe these window decals. There were so many other things in this home that were much more offensive to the eyes. I also knew there would be a tradeoff when I removed…

  • holidays

    Christmas Touches in the Kitchen and Living Room

    For the first time in my life I have discovered the worst best feeling to have. Yes, I typed that sentence how I meant it. I am done shopping for Christmas. I’ve been done since December 12. I even wrapped all of the presents. WHO AM I?!?! I should feel amazing. I should be humble bragging right now. Maybe just flat out bragging, but I’m a mature adult, so I won’t do that. I’ll blog about it instead. Instead of relishing in the self-satisfaction that all of this forward-thinking and advanced prep work created, I. AM. FREAKING. OUT. Not on the outside, of course, because I don’t do that. On the…