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    8 Satisfying Things I’m Enjoying This Summer

    I don’t know about you, but I’m spending an inordinate amount of time at home these days, so today I’m sharing eight satisfying things I’m enjoying this summer. I’ve always said it is the little things that make me happy and that’s even more true right now. Eight Satisfying Things #1: Bug Zapper I don’t know if there really are more bugs outside this summer or if we are just hyperaware of the number of bugs pestering us, particularly while we are swimming. Handy Husband ordered this ultraviolet bug zapper and thinks it is the best thing ever. I’m not joking. Find a person who looks at you the way…

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    Would I Make It Again: Pasta from Chickpeas

    The perk and curse of grocery shopping in the U.S. is there is always a new product to try. It is a seemingly revolving door of new product barrages introductions! It didn’t phase me much until I lived in Europe. Being back now and grocery shopping in the U.S. feels like I’ve been dropped into the middle of a carnival funhouse with a bunch of clowns jumping out every three seconds to show me the latest and greatest product. Then the funhouse mirrors show me what my hips will look like if I eat that product. Unfortunately, it’s never the mirror that shows me getting taller and skinnier.   However,…