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Magnifying Glass Valentine’s Card – Free Printable

I’m a big fan of Valentine’s cards for kids that don’t include candy. I know, I know, I’m such a party pooper. However, I do love Valentine’s cards that include trinkets. See, I’m not a complete scrooge!

This attitude works really well because at my daughter’s elementary school they do not allow us to bring in sweets for Valentine’s Day or even for birthdays. It’s a little too strict, in my opinion, but their heart is in the right place.

Last month my daughter and I scoured the big ol’ world wide web looking for Valentine’s ideas. If the truth is known, I find this part of Valentine’s Day ridiculously fun. It is possible that I find it more fun than my kids do. They’d prefer we pick out the SpongeBob Valentine Cards at Target or something. That is why I never take them down that aisle. 😉

The idea my daughter fell in love with came from here and was our inspiration for these magnifying glass Valentine’s Day cards. I don’t know who had the original idea, but they are my hero.

Using the magnifying glass idea as inspiration, I whipped up a really simple design for our cards and printed them out on card stock. Computer paper would work too. The card folds in half and on the back side is where my daughter will address the cards to her classmates.


Instead of attaching the magnifying glass directly to the card like in our inspiration photo, we’re going to use these treat baggies that I already had on hand. I ordered these ones on Amazon. I figured it would be easier for my daughter to stuff the baggies herself and she’s old enough to use a stapler, so I can be more hands off with this part of the process.


I actually think this Valentine’s Card could work well without the magnifying glass. Attach a piece of chocolate and you’re good to go!

If you’d like to download the image to use for your own kiddos, I’d be happy to share!

Here’s a Magnifying Glass Valentine Card PDF.

Here’s a Magnifying Glass Valentine Card JPEG.

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