Patriotic Manicure and Pedicure

You’re never too old to have fun with your fingernail polish. That’s a motto to live by – mark my words.

The 4th of July is the perfect time to get patriotic with your fingers and toes!

Plus, I knew you wanted to see pictures of my feet.

Start by painting your toenails a bright, happy, patriotic red!

Next, you’ll need a dark blue nail polish. Paint a tiny rectangle in the upper left hand corner of each big toe. If it turns out more like a square or a parallelogram – no worries. People shouldn’t be looking that closely at your toes anyway.

On your remaining toes, paint the tips blue.

Now, we’re going to make stars and stripes.

I used a nail art pen, which isn’t perfect, but it takes less time than taping off each line with tape. You can find these pens in your nail polish section at your local store.

You’ll want to paint on the stripes and then makes dots for the stars. You could also dip a toothpick in white polish to make the dots.

My nail art pen was being rather difficult and not letting a consistent flow of polish out, which is something I don’t like about the pens. Or maybe it’s time for a new one? As a result, my lines are a little wonky, but I think it still looks cute. One tip with the nail art pen: you need to make sure you are applying it to really dry polish, otherwise it can smudge the layer you are painting on.


Now, it’s time for your fingernails!

I was going to call this a colorful and patriotic French manicure, but that isn’t the right country! So, how about a patriotic American manicure?

Start by painting your tips with blue polish. (Uh, let’s have everyone ignore my cuticles and oddly red fingers, please!)

Then dip a toothpick in your favorite red nail polish and make dots right underneath the blue tips.

Finish up with a coat of clear nail polish to protect everything.

And wah-lah! A patriotic manicure!


So, there you have it – a patriotic manicure and pedicure! These are really simple and fun ideas to have happy nails on the 4th of July! Good luck!

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