Christmas Countdown Lunch Notes: Free Printable

Ho, ho, ho!

Tis the season where your kids ask every 5 minutes how many days until Christmas! Before you can reply for the umpteenth time, one of them will volunteer a response. Then they argue about whether or not that is correct or not. Then mommy yells at patiently instructs them to stop yelling at each other. Ahem. I’m only guessing that happens at…other people’s houses? Surely not at mine. 

Out of all that fa-la-la and holly-jolly came these printable Christmas countdown lunch notes created by me just for you.

To simplify the printing process, I left the number off of the printable. (I’m still loving my new Epson printer, by the way!) You can just fill the number in like I did…or leave it blank and let your kids guess. 😉

While my kids LOVE Christmas Day, I think part of what makes Christmas so magical is the built-up to the big day. This is just one simple way to keep the excitement alive and is a fun spin on the traditional advent calendar.

A few weeks ago I was in a rush and asked the kids if they really needed lunch notes that particular day. (Keep in mind my son is in kindergarten. While he can read some things and I try to keep his notes to words that he knows, he’s not a fluent reader yet.) Much to my surprise my children paused in the middle of a bite of Cookie Crisp cereal their healthy, well-rounded breakfast to tell me how they couldn’t possibly function without a lunch note. Okay, that’s what I HEARD. What they actually said, was “YES, MOM! WE NEED A NOTE.”

It was a good reminder to me that the simple act of connecting with my kids via a lunch note is a great way to demonstrate my love for them. It’s a bit of comfort in what otherwise might be a hectic, overwhelming day. Someday they might pack their own lunches (please, oh please) and I’ll miss this low-tech connection with them.

I’m happy to share the lunch note love today! Here’s the free printable in a jpeg format. If you have problems opening it, let me know!

Christmas Countdown Lunch Notes

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