Deconstructed Fresh Berry Oatmeal Crisp

What do you get when you combine fresh berries, pie, oatmeal cookies and homemade whipped cream?

Heaven. You get Heaven on your tongue. Yes, it is that glorious.


My inspiration for this treat was my inability to pick a dessert.

Kidding. Not kidding.

Actually, way back in the day, around 2 B.K. (before kids), my husband and I would frequently dine at an amazing restaurant in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, called Wildfire Grill.

The chef made a berry crisp with sweetened, fresh (not cooked) berries and ice cream. The kicker was that the crisp part of the recipe was tiny oatmeal crisps. Kind of like mini oatmeal cookies. It’s hard to describe, but it rocked your tastebuds.


I haven’t looked to see if the restaurant is still there or not because I don’t want to feel bad if I left and put them out of business. I also don’t want to feel bad if they are still open and I haven’t enjoyed their amazing berry crisp in 10 years.

See my dilemma?

It’s the Schrodinger’s Cat paradox.

Yeah. Totally learned that watching Big Bang Theory. See, mom! TV’s not all bad for you!


To make this dessert all you need to do is combine your favorite fresh berry pie recipe and your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe (no raisins).

I like Southern Hospitality’s Strawberry Pie recipe. I usually go heavy on the berry measurement (the more the merrier).

For oatmeal cookies, you will not be disappointed by this Soft Oatmeal Cookie recipe on AllRecipes. Do not skip the chilling step of the recipe. It’s crucial.

I don’t have a favorite whipped cream recipe. I usually just combine a cup of heavy whipping cream with a teaspoon (or so) of vanilla. Then I beat the heck out of it and when the mixture starts to firm up, I add powdered sugar to taste while being careful to not over beat the ingredients.

I’d be happy if I could eat this dessert everyday. There’s just that little thing of calories and metabolism. Oh, and setting a good example for my children. If I live to 85 then all bets are off!

Here are some additional yummy treats! I’m already drooling!

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