Fall Dining Room

Last week I bared my soul and discussed all my problem areas.

No, not those problems areas. I definitely don’t want to talk about those.

I shared pictures of the rooms in my home that were giving me decorating issues.

All of that sharing was extremely therapuetic.

As was the furniture rearranging session prompted by all of that sharing.

I’d like to tell you my husband was surprised when he got home, but it’s not the first time this has occurred. Furniture rearranging happens. When you least expect it.  

To start, I played a lovely game of musical tables with 3 various accent tables. The table in the dining room went into the kitchen. The table in the living room went into the dining room.

The nightstand that was in the kitchen holding the microwave is now in the dining room too. While it is mainly there to anchor the corner and look pretty, it is serving a useful function. It holds sandwich bags, aluminum foil, etc.

I even moved our dining room table to be on angle in the room so I wouldn’t teach my kids bad words when I stubbed my toe on the fireplace hearth in order to open up the natural walking path through the room.

I brought two cookbooks with me to Ireland. I guess I’m a fan of Betty Crocker? I don’t really know – they are just the two books I actually use.

The first Betty Crocker recipe book was a wedding gift, which means I’ve had it close to 18 years. Yes, I am acutely aware that I’m getting older. Let’s not talk about it.

The orange Betty Crocker recipe book was my grandmother’s. While I can do without the orange, I feel sentimental toward the book knowing it was also in her kitchen. I used to think it was funny that this old recipe book called for lard in most some of its recipes. Then I move to Ireland and I can actually buy lard at the grocery store. In 2016. Go figure.

The pail (above photo) was my grandpa’s. The dollar store pumpkins (below photo) are sitting on upside down heart-shaped planters that my mom made eons ago – maybe 25 years ago or more?

I still haven’t seen a real pumpkin in a store in Ireland. I keep waiting! It’s October – where are they? I did ask the grocer at the local fruit and veggie shop where I could buy a pumpkin and he told me I’d have to wait until the middle of October before anyone stocked pumpkins. THE HORROR.

I’m having pumpkin withdrawal.

I was going to create some fall-inspired chalkboard artwork while the kids were doing their homework, but I got distracted helping my son learn his addition tables.

Homework is my favorite part of the day.

Before I knew it, my daughter had wrote this autumn saying on the board and jazzed it up with some Halloween characters. I decided it was perfect for this space.

I am definitely cheering for autumn! Although, to be fair, compared to living in in the southern United States, it has felt like fall in Ireland since June. And since the weather is still relatively “nice” here, I can see why the Irish don’t want to rush into fall. With that in mind, I’m happy to wait for pumpkins to arrive.

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