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Friday Funnies #2

Here are a few items that put the happy in my dance this week.



My son started taking fencing lessons. If you have a little boy or girl who is obsessed with all things swords and lightsabers, then this is the sport for them.

youth fencing on friday funnies

Here’s a conversation my son and I had when we arrived at fencing practice last week.

Son: Mom! Did you see those lunches last week?

Me: Lunches? They had lunch here? How did I miss that?

Son: No, mom. The lunches I made with my sword.

Me: Oh! You mean lunges?

Son: Yeah. That’s what I said.

At that point I started laughing hysterically, so I still have no idea if he said the word correctly and I misheard or if he really was saying lunches instead of lunges. When you throw in a noisy gym and the coach’s Russian accent, it could go either way. Regardless, it still makes me laugh.

And I really wish they would have had lunch.

youth fencing on friday funnies

If you are interested in learning more about youth fencing and you live in the USA, here’s a link. If you live in Ireland, here’s a link.

I needed to pick up kleenex at the store last week.

This discovery amused me greatly.

man size tissues on friday funnies

Just in case you need gender-biased tissues.

Of course I had to buy them. I don’t know if they are man-sized, but they are about twice the size as regular tissues.

American English is slightly different than European English. My kids are starting to notice these differences. Here’s how it came up in conversation recently.

Daughter: Mom. Did you know everyone in my class says maths instead of math.

Me: Even your teacher?

Daughter: Yep. Everyone.

Me (speaking to my son): Buddy, does your teacher say maths too?

Son: (thinks about it for a moment)  I don’t know. She speaks English.

I’m still not sure what language he thinks my daughter’s class was speaking!

keep calm and do maths on friday funnies(image)

Happy Friday, everyone! May your weekend be filled with fun and humor!


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