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Christmas in the Foyer

Last weekend we pulled the Christmas boxes down from the attic.

All three of them and a wreath box.

Even after culling out over half of my Christmas decorations in preparation for our overseas move, it still feels like Christmas vomited all over my house.

Why is it that decorating a tree and putting up a few festive touches means that the entire house is destroyed in the process?

After I took the kids to school on Monday, I returned and tidied up one area. The foyer. Don’t foyers look so much better without the stuff that actually goes in a foyer? Backpacks, jackets, shoes…so many shoes.ireland-xmas-entry-2017-8
I even dusted the Christmas glitter off the bench.

That was more of a practicality than anything. I don’t need to bedazzle my bum when I sit down to tie my shoes.

Or do I?ireland-xmas-entry-2016-2
I left my existing decor up because I still like it, but I added a few Christmas touches to the wall like the ornaments I’ve had since I was a kid.

They are a little dinged, dented and discolored after so many years, but that gives them character, right?ireland-xmas-entry-2016-5

Please know that I purposefully placed the snowman on the “Good Luck” horseshoe.

I have a twisted sense of humor like that.

Does my family notice these things? Of course not. Decorate for your own amusement, people. That’s my advice to you.

My round mirror received a little handmade wreath treatment.

I don’t have any fir-type trees in my yard, but I made do with other clippings.

I used a Command hook to attach the wreath to the mirror.

My poinsettia plant did not come in a cute container (the horror!), so I wrapped it in a burlap bag that I purchased during an apple-picking excursion last year.

I now feel justified by my decision to hoard save it!

To dress up the burlap sack, I made the little pom-pom tie for it. The devil’s in the details, right?

I get teased for using fabric glue and hem tape on a lot of my “sewing” projects and I’m cool with that. However, for the record, I used a real needle and thread for this two-minute DIY project.

The “joy” word is an ornament that I stuck to the wall with a Command strip.

It’s also one of the reasons why I had to dust the bench for Christmas glitter.

So much joy was sprinkled everywhere.


Now that the foyer is ready for Christmas, all that remains is the rest of the house! I hope I’m not the only one who is still tinkering with Christmas decor. Happy decorating, folks!

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