• Colonial Farmhouse Kitchen Before
    colonial farmhouse

    Colonial Farmhouse Kitchen Before

    Today is the day when I share the really bad photos of our Colonial Farmhouse kitchen before we started tackling this space. I have been radio silent about the kitchen in our Colonial Farmhouse on purpose. It’s that bad. However, just because it is THAT BAD does not mean I’m not grateful for it. I am. I’m also not embarrassed by it. It is what it is and I’m excited about what it can become. I’ve been radio silent about the kitchen because I needed time to wrap my head around this challenging space before I unleash ALL THE FEELINGS on you. Also, no one likes a whiner. Here is…

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    Christmas in the Foyer

    Last weekend we pulled the Christmas boxes down from the attic. All three of them and a wreath box. Even after culling out over half of my Christmas decorations in preparation for our overseas move, it still feels like Christmas vomited all over my house. Why is it that decorating a tree and putting up a few festive touches means that the entire house is destroyed in the process? After I took the kids to school on Monday, I returned and tidied up one area. The foyer. Don’t foyers look so much better without the stuff that actually goes in a foyer? Backpacks, jackets, shoes…so many shoes. I even dusted the Christmas glitter off…