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My Christmas Decor Hacks

I’m not sure if hack is the right word.

How about here are three of my favorite Christmas decor work-arounds?


Don’t have the time, patience, space or money for a Christmas garland?

No worries.

Free greenery clippings from your yard, or the neighbor’s yard, or the park (can you do that??) placed in a shallow bowl can achieve a similar effect.



I do have Christmas stocking hangers, but one of them is broken and I haven’t found anything else I like better for hanging our Christmas stockings.

Last year we used hooks screwed into the bottom of the mantel.

That won’t work this year and we are renting, so I don’t want to damage anything.

That’s why our stockings are held up by Command Hooks. I don’t know what Santa is going to put in the stockings this year, but if it ends up being too heavy (my 6-year-old thinks Santa should fill the stockings with pirate’s gold), the stockings might just rest on the floor on Christmas morning.

Until then, the Command Hooks are working brilliantly.



I bought stockings at Joann Fabric last year. With a big coupon. Of course.

I still like their knitted goodness.

To give them some personal flair, I added wood tags from the craft store that I stained and stenciled our names on.

The possibilities are endless for personalizing stockings to fit your style. And if my style changes in the future, which it will, I can easily remove the tags and start over.

Most of all, my favorite Christmas work-around is to not sweat the small stuff – like how this post would have been way more helpful 2 weeks ago. Ha! It makes the holiday season so much happier.

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