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Happy List #16

Why, hello again!

I hope the first week of March has treated you well!

The ol’ blog posts have been Irish-themed this month. Give me a theme and I will run it into the ground. This week I shared an easy felt shamrock wreath craft and some mostly authentic Irish recipes. Someone needs to make the Guinness Brownies – STAT! Okay, I will make them.

Today’s Happy List is largely home-focused. While I love Ireland, my Irish home has me feeling a little meh. I’m determined to get out of this decorating funk one way or another and I’ve been finding a lot of inspiration online lately. It’s not always inspiration that helps me solve problems specific to my house, but it might help you! I’m a giver.

Front Yard Makeovers

I love a good exterior home makeover. Don’t you?

I found a good collection of inspirational exterior before and afters. And not ones where you need Chip and Joanna Gaines to make it all happen.

Like this one…BEFORE…


(images via)

Removing the satellite dish from the front of the house alone would have improved the home’s exterior, but the paint and landscaping took it over the top!

See more before and after pictures from HGTV here.

Fence Window For Pets

First, why am I just now learning this is a thing? Imagine the possibilities?!?!

Second, window for pets…window for kids…potato, potatoh.

Get it here on Amazon. 

Attic Conversion

If you have the ability to turn an attic into useable living space, it can be a game changer for your home.

I love what this couple did with their previously unfinished attic space. I could relax there, for sure!

Image: Sara Parsons Photography)

See all the pictures, including the before and in-progress shots here.

Plant and Sip Nights

I have friends who do the “wine and paint” nights where you go to a studio, drink some wine and paint a picture. They love it! It’s a fun girls night out activity.

Here’s a new take on that. Plant and sip. Sip some wine and plant a tabletop terrarium to take home. I like that idea!

This would be a good way for gardening clubs to boost membership and introduce novice gardeners to the hobby. I see some synergy here with gardening clubs and wineries. Someone needs to run with this idea!

(Image: plantnite.com)

To see if there is a Plant and Sip night near you, visit Plantnite.com.

Hidden Washer and Dryer

I may or may not have squealed when I saw this laundry room picture with the hidden washer and dryer. Then I turned to Handy Husband and said, “the next time we have an actual laundry room, I want to do this!” He was noncommittal on the idea, but I’ll get him on board.

I am getting used to having my washing machine in my kitchen though. It takes multitasking to new heights.

This creation is from a basement makeover done by Finecraft Building Contractors. I originally saw it here.

Letting the Beauty of Wood Shine Through

I saw this picture of a modern wood table with a matching bench, but what caught my eye was that the wood was all gorgeous and natural looking.

I’m not sure what type of wood that is, but it has an amazing grain, doesn’t it?

(image via Good Housekeeping)

Ballard Design Mirror Knock Off

Layla at The Lettered Cottage make a Ballard Designs mirror knock off using those cheap door mirrors from Wal-mart. It saved her about $500!

Here’s the step-by-step.

She’s since updated the project with a fun addition on top of the mirror. Be sure to visit her site.

By the way, Walmart is giving away free cupcakes on March 12 between 12 – 4 p.m. in their Supercenters. Not the regular Walmart stores. It is some sort of birthday celebration and they want you to buy more stuff. Like mirrors.


That’s it! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Happy Friday!


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