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Happy List #25: Happy Birthday Edition

A HUGE birthday shout out to my two kiddos!

My daughter turns double digits today (HOLY COW, TEN!) and tomorrow my son turns SEVEN!

I have to admit, I got a lump in my throat last night when I tucked my daughter into bed. I told her, “this is the last time I will kiss 9-year-old you good night.” Then I gave her a million kisses until she finally said, “MOOOM!”

I don’t want to make this about me, even though I did grow them, birth them and have spent a decade devoted to their whims and whines health and wellbeing. But, really, it’s their day!

After months and months of debate, decisions and changing minds they each (finally!) chose to celebrate their birthdays with a sleepover!

WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! This is proof you CAN wear your parents down, kids.

Tonight a group of girls is coming over and on Saturday night it is the boys’ turn. Two sleepovers in a row. Back-to-back nights. Can we make this about me and my questionable decision-making now? P.S. Please send earplugs. Perhaps a stiff drink too.

Joking aside, I am overwhelmed with gratitude that in the course of this school year the kids have made all new friends and have been welcomed into this community. It’s a pretty amazing thing. In each of the places we’ve lived, my kids have made long-lasting friendships with incredible people that enrich their lives and I’m sure will continue to do so for years and years to come. In short, we are blessed.

It’s hard to top all of these birthday blessings, but here is what else I’m digging this week.


I really need someone in the Pacific Northwest to go to this fair and tell me if it is everything vintage and handmade dreams are made of. NEVER MIND. Don’t go. Don’t tell me. If it’s as awesome as I think it is, I don’t think I can handle missing out again. Disregard this message.

Oh, all right. If you really want to go, here’s the info. Just don’t send me pictures. But you can buy me a present. Oh, yes you can! Hint. Hint.


We’re trying the drone thing. Again! My son is getting this drone for his birthday. I thought perhaps if we got him a drone with wheels that can supposedly “find its way home,” then maybe we’d have a better chance of not losing this one on a roof, in a tree, etc.

All this proves is that yes, I sometimes live in a mild state of delusion. It’s that same feeling that has me convinced that someday my kids will put the lid back on the toothpaste.

P.S. I somehow missed in the product description that this drone is for ages 14+. And I was JUST saying to my husband “let them be little.” Oh, the irony. I’m not certain why it received this label…something to do with the camera maybe? Those age labels are just “suggestions” anyway, right? Kind of like how the serving size on a pint of ice cream has no relevance whatsoever when you’ve had a rough day is also a suggestion?


I have friends who are really good at scoring amazing deals at thrift shops. They visit these shops frequently. They have a system for how they shop and I’m always in awe of what they find.

I walk into a thrift shop, declare it all rubbish and then don’t go back for 6 months. Therefore, I do not find the good deals. Don’t be like me.

Young House Love scored an amazing rug at a thrift shop…that didn’t smell!


It does beg the question: would you buy a used rug? I think I’m in the “it depends” camp.


Paper and Stitch made over 3 pairs of shoes for summer with acrylic paint. I’m wondering how this holds up over time. Anyone know?

They used a custom paint mixture with a Testors Acrylic Paint Spray Set that doesn’t have the best reviews so far, but it seemed to work for them.

Basically, I’m skeptical about this makeover, but I’d really like it to work because the results were pretty neat looking.



I was reading an article about SheSheds and what caught my eye was this table base made from a gigantic stump.

How did they get it in there? Maybe it is the camera perspective that makes it look wider than the door. Maybe they built the shed around it.

Either way, it’s gorgeous! The entire room is amazing.

Jason Kisner, 2014, Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved


The below photo from The Hunted Interior caught my eye for two reasons.

First, I’m intrigued by the dresser that is the same color as the wall. They painted it that way so that it didn’t visually break up a small space. I haven’t tried that trick yet.

Second, look at the closet doors. They did that with Frog Tape and A LOT of patience.


We had a live edge slab of wood in our home growing up. It didn’t look this cool.

And dusting the nooks and crannies of the live edge was a pain in my…dusting rag.

(Image credit: C Magazine)


You should really read what Bill Gates said to graduates via Twitter.

Definitely some nuggets of wisdom there for all of us!

One of the things he said: ” @melindagates 8/ Like @WarrenBuffett I measure my happiness by whether people close to me are happy and love me, & by the difference I make for others.” – Bill Gates

He also recommended that all graduates read this book, which is now an instant bestseller! It’s on my list.


Guys. This paper backdrop is just the sort of crazy project I would do. In fact, someone hide my scissors.

Image and directions from The House That Lars Built.

With that, I am off to collect a wonderful group of girls (and one fabulous boy) from school for the weekend’s first sleepover! Oh, happy day! Seriously. I truly meant that in a non-sarcastic way. Sometimes I feel the need to qualify my statements. The sarcasm will come later. Possibly around midnight when I’m still awake.


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