Sharing a Bed, But Not the Bedding

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Last year we spent New Year’s Eve at the Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen. (Read about our visit here.)

Fireworks (the literal kind) went off all night long across the city, but I still had a fantastic night’s sleep…in a hotel!

That never happens.

Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark

The big difference was how the hotel made the beds.

Handy Husband and I each got our own duvet!

One bed. Two duvets.

That meant no sharing. After 18 years of marriage – no sharing.

Vox Hotel in Jönköping, Sweden

How can I describe this experience to you?

How can I accurately put the overwhelming feelings this new situation evoked into mere words?


It. Was. Heavenly. Absolutely heavenly.

In fact, I raved about it so much I think I might have hurt Handy Husband’s feelings a little.

Oopsie daisy.

He quickly recovered when he realized no one I plead the 5th stole his covers in the night.

Thon Hotel in Stavanger, Norway

No one talks about it, but I know for a fact there are oodles of couples out there with unconventional sleeping situations.

Someone snores. Someone has a weird schedule. Someone has restless leg syndrome. Someone’s always too hot. Someone’s always too cold. Someone falls asleep in their child’s bed after reading them a night time story.

Oh, wait. That last one is me.

I have a friend that ditched her king bed and pushed two twin-sized beds together. Same exact size, but now she and her spouse each get their own sheets and blankets. When she makes the bed, she puts one coverlet over the top so you can’t tell the difference.

Her solution definitely beats someone sleeping in the recliner.

The two duvet situation is common in Scandinavian countries. Perhaps this is why the Scandinavian countries always rank at the top of all the “happiness/we love our life/best places to live/yes we do things smarter” surveys? Hmm. Worth pondering.

Hotel Das Central in Österreich, Austria

Talk of our hotel stay in Copenhagen came up last week and it was Handy Husband who mentioned the two duvet idea again.

We aren’t quite ready for a new duvet, but now that he’s on board with the idea I’m going shopping definitely going to think about how I can incorporate this into our bedroom design.

Going with two duvets means giving up the top sheet. Before you gasp in horror, this is totally normal for Europeans. The duvet cover is your top sheet – just wash it when you wash your fitted sheet.

That’s not my problem though. My problem is the pretty part. I want form and function. I want the solution to help me sleep as good as I did before I had kids. l also want the bed to look pretty when I make it every morning.

Laden Seaurahuone in Finland places a coverlet over the two folded duvets. That helps. Other people smooth out one of the duvets over the mattress and then fold the second duvet up at the foot of the bed. That could work too.

Perhaps I should do some more research on this topic. You know, by visiting more pretty hotels…


Well. Now you know the deep thoughts that are taking up residence in my head. You’re welcome.

Would you try this in your home? Do you think it would give you a happier night’s sleep?

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